Thursday, April 17, 2014

"Ender's Game"

I saw it tonight on cable.

Wow, this is possibly the most boring film I have ever seen. I thought the book was vastly overrated compared with the real science fiction of the golden age in the 1950's.

This was terrible. Appalling. The person who wrote this screenplay knew absolutely nothing about writing screenplays.

Orson Scott Card wrote for Ahoy! Magazine, a magazine for the C-64 I was an editor for one million years ago in the late 1980's in New York City. It was a good magazine within the confines of its budget. I thought Orson Scott Card was a mediocre writer. I knew it was ridiculous to say out loud because he was published and successful and it made me sound like an idiot to criticize his work when I had never published a novel of my own and mayhaps never will. I wrote three novels during my life, two of them not worth publishing and a third that could have been published with a couple months of rewriting. I never rewrote it. Somewhere in a landfill on Staten Island right now with cyanobacteria eating each letter one at a time off a 5 1/2 inch floppy.

Nevertheless, you'd think they could have found somebody to take those mediocre books and at least turn them into an interesting 90 minutes onscreen for the sake of the fanboys of Card's works, most of whom still live with their parents and have never kissed a girl.

They could not capture 9 minutes of my interest. I wanted 8 minutes back. Dreadful film.

"Molecular disruptor?" I think I saw one of those on the old Buck Rogers series on television. It sounded pretty corny then as well. How about "Beta Buster" or "Singularity Point Disintegrator?" I'm just pulling these names out of my ass. I gotta tell you, mine sound better.

Hollyweird says they spent $112 million on this film. I reckon I could have hung one chromakey green screen in my backyard and made this exact same film without any name talent for around  $100,000 dollars worth of quality CGI. The catering truck must charge four million dollars an hour to run up a bill like that for this film. At some points it seemed very similar to an amply budgeted student film. No real plot points, no particularly emotional moments, no real reactions to this movie while watching it. Just discordant and then over. Had the same impact of an 80's music video you forget the lyrics of ten seconds after it goes off.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Grunts of History

I woke up early this morning unable to get back to sleep and had a weird thought.

My ancestors have fought in every major conflict of the past 2000 years, including nearly every single regional war. This includes The Gulf, Korea, World War 1 and 2, the Civil War, Spanish-American war.

In more than one instance, a high ranking military official has specifically noted exemplary courage in one of my ancestors sufficient to record it permanently. This includes reversing a retreat in the Civil War with a bugle call, protecting an officer's hut on top of a mountain from half of North Korea during the Korean War, destroying a Vietnamese supply tunnel that was supplying ambush troops with munitions, etc. etc. etc.

Some general or colonel wrote down in his journal something to the effect of "Private Blakemore personally volunteered to crawl down inside Viet Cong tunnel with a grenade to demolish it," that sort of thing. It may have even ended up in the hometown newspaper as a war report or interest piece.

In all of these situations, somehow when the war ended my ancestors were overlooked or the paperwork was forgotten when it was time to give out the medals. They were almost never honored or remembered. There are guys who win medals in wars for hiding out until they end. My ancestors, often found right in the thick of the fighting, always seem to achieve anonymity. They're the guys who never get any medals, commendations or particular recognition for these wars they are always fighting in.

Judging all of that with my own experience in the military added to it, I can reach only one conclusion.

Nobody awards medals to Neanderthal slaves. It is their place to be on the front lines of combat. Medals only go to humans and their friends. The Neanderthal is regarded as a shock troop who is there to keep humans from getting hit by bullets. It doesn't matter if they defeat half the enemy army with their bare hands, they are not regarded as combatants, they are seen as tools of strategy. This implies that all Sapiens unconsciously identify and treat Neanderthals as a fundamentally different kind of biped who is subject to sanctions as a person they would never dream of applying to one of their own kind. All of it subconscious and completely autonomic right down to their limbic cortex.

I could not think of any other explanation for this phenomenon.

You know how it is in the early morning. You don't know if sleep deprivation has given you some fundamental insight or you are just semi-delirious from being tired. This felt like it was a revelation when I had it.

Kwanstainia Trying To Conceal Humiliation By Starting World War III

It's Dr. StrangerThanFictionLove.

The original plan to seize the Crimea completely backfired and ended up returning the former provinces to Russian control. You couldn't make this stuff up.

Reminds you of the Iranian coup triggered by American intervention that ended with the Shah deposed and having to flee the country while the Mullahs took over.

It is like Australia importing the Cane Toad to control insects. You'd think people would learn after a while that maybe it is not that simple but they act before they consider deeply.

The next time you hear them snickering confidently about their evil plan coming together for the NWO, remember how the assclowns managed to restore a big chunk of the Soviet Union with the populations so disenchanted with the "free world" they overwhelmingly voted for Putin to come back and take control.

I reckon the elites are incredibly good at destroying existing order. It is their error to think they will be equally good at creating it. The evidence says they stink when it comes to organizing any stability anywhere including a draconian order they sit at the top of.

Bloom(ingInsane)Berg Thinks You Can Buy Slots In Heaven

Check it out. This guy thinks people who have paid in advance can skip the interview in heaven. (*By paying in advance with far left Marxist totalitarian political initiatives *)

Remember, every sin can be forgiven a man who is genuinely repentant. The only sin that will not be forgiven is the refusal of the Holy Spirit. Bloomberg explains how he doesn't need it, he is on the advance reservation list. This guy has one hell of a surprise waiting for him when he gets there.

"4 Quark Hadron" Proves Quantum Physics Is Bunkum

… and I will tell you why.

If you and I shot two computers out of cannons at each other, when they smashed together into debris, would this mean we had discovered a new computer? Smashed-up Intel Inside? In other words, if all the pieces that resulted were inert, unable to function, would we blame it on the process involved and still insist that we had discovered a whole new model of computer?

No, because all we had really done was to smash two computers together.

So why is it physicists can make a living smashing stuff together in particle accelerators and claiming the debris and garbage they produce represents fundamentals of matter?

What if ultimately, none of that debris is anything but junk unless it is an unsmashed state where we can study it as it was originally organised?

If what I am saying has validity and you can understand the analogy, you will see why particle accelerators may be the biggest scientific fraud in human history. It is similar to astronomers surviving for years on grants from universities to study the canal systems on Mars. Percival Lowell and other scienmagists wrote about them extensively and had careers based on descriptions of the Martian canal system. Except THERE WAS NO MARTIAN CANAL SYSTEM, at least not one THEY could see. They made it all up and talked about it with straight faces until other people played along because they were worried people might think them behind the times. It is possible they were mapping the arteries in their own retinas without knowing it which explains why they all saw different maps.

If their fundamental paradigm was correct and they were discovering fundamental building blocks (and not just garbage created by smashing things together) for the past fifty years of this fiasco then I have to ask one important question …


Gardasil Is a Final Solution For Females

The majority of people would never believe how many women have died from being injected with this poisonous garbage or left permanently incapacitated.

If I was a black man I'd be boiling over with fury. They target black females for these campaigns and encourage them all to get it, usually resulting in them being sterilised or left in a wheelchair. Technically speaking Gardasil is a targeted attempt at genocide. I have trouble believing any father would let his daughter get one of these. If I ever catch a doctor sticking my offspring with one of these without getting my permission I will break the needle off in the top of his head.

Last year I read about some of the "side effect" statistics and I could not believe the FDA did not step in and order it withdrawn immediately.

Doubting Government in 2014 A.D. Is Like Doubting the Vatican in 1014 A.D.

Both are infallible and it proves you are in league with the devil.

Also, they are both full of child molesters.

The Inquisition is coming back.

Nietzsche was such a brilliant man. We must always mistrust those who seem too eager to punish, he said. He was right. Psychotics don't want to preserve law and order. They want an excuse to punish people for whatever imaginary violations of it they can cook up. It is in their nature to take pleasure in hurting others. They aren't worth a damn and torture always helps takes their mind off that fact.

Somebody Tell Me How Many Wars Are On Now, I Lost Track About Five Years Ago

Waging another one in Africa and proud of it, apparently. No need to consult Congress or vote on it, of course. Snap of the fingers, wave of the pen, the way the Founding Fathers liked it. Arbitrary psychopaths just ordering the country to war anywhere on a whim.

You're Not Paranoid If They Really Are Tracking You In Real-Time

… and surprise, they are. This is why the NSA insisted on their hooks in cell towers.

But that's just crazy talk. Until they admit to it. Then it is business as usual, nothing to see here folks keep moving along.

Be a Shiftless Crackhead And Teen Manwhore, Then Get Elected President

Notice the guy always has the shadow cabal behind him. No matter how bad he screws up it is never enough. They decided to make this guy President despite only a madman would consider such a thing viable. It turned out the American people were stupid enough to vote him in.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ice Station Zebra : Cold War Two

Plenty to fight for in the Arctic

Major flashpoints coming in this region, especially because the United States has been busy labeling large tracts of land that belong to Russia as "World Heritage" sites and "International" resources. A fancy way of saying to the Russians that what's mine is mine and what's yours is also mine.

Most of the new resources discovered are a result of Russian inquisitiveness and exploration nothing done by the brain dead Kwanstainians who thought it was just a place to do photo-ops promoting globowarmthinkery.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Kwanstainia : Scheduled For Liquidation

The new weapons (from the 1950's) : Multi-warhead home deliveries

Read carefully for the mention of "Open Skies." Taxpayers, did you know your government was giving permission to foreigners to fly military aircraft over national airspace and your homes at night at their leisure? Unthinkable. I read about this many years ago and thought it was so stupid that only somebody devoted to global governance could possibly think this was a good idea. Nobody concerned with the security of their own citizens would ever permit such a thing.

China goes public about the war in space (easiest place to drop 'em from orbit in curtains of nukes)

Er … wait, you're thinking. What's this about "increasing the use of space for the military?" I wasn't aware there was a military use of space. Isn't that stuff forbidden, or at least it used to be? In fact, outside of that nut who runs the Vault-Co site for the past ten years, I had not heard anything about any of this. You're right. Outside of Vault-Co, you hadn't heard of it.

Hey, you're probably thinking, no need to worry, doesn't the government have some kind of huge secret infrastructure to defend during this kind of war … ABM sites, huge radar arrays, 24 hour monitoring … well, actually, no. All of that stuff exists only inside your head. We used to have a real military devoted to defence - it even operated for a whole year back in 1976. It is all closed down now.  Politicians realised that it is expensive to provide even minimal support for defence to civilians beyond mere gestures. This might cut into funding for their own shelters and provisions. You have nobody anywhere worrying about defence of civilians or North America beyond small token installations pretending to do stuff. All the current strategy is based on offense. Defense for thermonuclear wars was mothballed decades ago. In fact, they actually allow potential combatants to fly over your house at night at whim when you are sleeping inside to rest up for your tax paying revenue generation tomorrow.

Unless you get a vault of your own, you do not figure into any equation anywhere. You are on your own in the most profound sense of the word.

P.S. Is that ABM pyramid HOT or what? This is hardcore survivalist porn, do not allow your children to click through to that link. My gander was up looking at that thing. I was trying to figure out how much it might cost me to build one of those today with insulated concrete forms.  HOT. Thing looks like it could shrug off a direct hit. You'd be inside and feel a little rocking sensation and go right back to playing GALAGA on your parlor table console. The planet could be so radioactive on the surface you could boil an egg on a car hood and you'd barely even know it inside. HOT!! I am extremely keen to work on a survival horror computer game set in one of these things, too much I have to finish up now before I can work on it.

Peds Rule Upper Tier Of Society

In the clergy, the charities, government and the wealthy.

These people act as if they are paragons and role models fit to lecture the common man on right and wrong.

Problem is they seek out these positions because they don't know right from wrong.

In this case, like so many others, the perpetrators enjoy protection from fellow travelers who cover for them every time they are on the verge of being exposed.

They need to put both of these two away for a couple of years to set a good example for the other 99% still crawling around in the shadows.

Hunger Games : Catching Fire

I am sitting watching it now. It is pretty grim stuff for a film aimed at the summer audience.

I don't know why this movie was made because it appears to be revealing what sort of world the elites have planned for everybody else.

Is this part of "illumination of the method" in advance? Hollyweird must have vetted this script. They must have known people would see the parallels in the world right now. Did they want to try to begin to normalize all of this so it would not seem so unexpected in the future?

Obama's regime is a little taste foreshadowing what is planned for the longer term and I expect it would be a lot like this. Part of reserving more and more federal land and banning all use of national reserves (for hunting or cattle grazing and any other purpose) is working with Agenda 21 at the United Nations to concentrate people into smaller regions where they can be managed and their resource pipeline (food included) controlled just as shown in this film.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

This Planet Is An Atomic House of Cards

India and Pakistan are both run by apocalyptic madmen determined to pursue self-immolation with nuclear weapons.

The Western media has ignored one of the largest buildups of tactical nuclear devices in world history on both sides. Once this kicks off it will be a Klausewitzian death match where the last man alive gets to declare a victory for his side. With little civil defence on either side it is obvious the course they are on is absolutely suicidal for their own inhabitants.

India, China and Russia is the most likely alliance when it starts worldwide. It is guaranteed annihilation for anybody in North America without a very deep vault.

Mankind's Greatest Enemy

One evil empire down, one to go.

Unlike Russia's relatively smooth transition back to a nation from Bolshevist rule, it is likely that Kwanstainia is going to try to take the entire world down with it when it goes.

The bad guys are all clustered there now pulling the puppet strings because their control systems are not working very effectively on the rest of the planet. If they can't steer the U.S. monolith by sitting on its shoulders there is no alternate waiting on the sidelines with similar military power to the U.S. for them to wield. They have reached the end of their reign by stealth and increasingly have to require their colony to do things that are clearly not in it's own national interest. Even the dumbest people are starting to see it and this is not good historically for their influence to be strong. Shining a light on them weakens them exactly the way it does vampires.

The Weapons of WW3 Roll Off The Assembly Line

A navy destroyer designed to evade radar profile that fires railguns and can be fitted to launch tactical nukes offshore without being spotted!

Ball over to your court, Russia and China. Shaping up to be the mother of all wars when it starts.

Notice how they named it after Zumwalt not because of his early obsession with viable defence of the United States during nuclear war but because later in his career he became a socialist fruit who thought females should serve combat duty. I wish I could make up stuff like this but I am not crazy enough. The left loves anybody who is anti-life enough to suggest that the miraculous ability of women to reproduce the species is not as important as having both genders on the front lines pretending sexual dichotomy doesn't exist in their madhouse screwball politics. Every instinct in a healthy male with his limbic cortex turned on screams that this is wrong, so leftists love to make it policy no matter how many times it is retracted later on when they discover it to be impossible.

The Sixth Seal

Four complete eclipses in one week for the first time in untold memory.

12I looked when He broke the sixth seal, and there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth made of hair, and the whole moon became like blood; 13and the stars of the sky fell to the earth, as a fig tree casts its unripe figs when shaken by a great wind.

- Revelations 6:12-13

Another 7.5 Quake In The Solomon Islands

Starting to see a trend here.

A series of near-misses so far. One of these in the right place could generate a tsunami that would dwarf the Boxing Day wave in Indonesia. So glad I don't live on that side of Australia any more.

Good thing that all these tectonic plates are not connected floating on the outside of the same system or we could be in trouble.

Feds Get Backed Down Like The Ultimate Socialist Pussies They Really Are

They got a wolf ticket and their nerve failed. Americans won, worldwide communism lost. One day in a long war and the good guys won this one.

They knew what they were fighting for, BLM lackeys, do you have anything you'd die for? No? Best keep that in mind.

I predict if shooting had started this small group would have kicked their asses despite them having overwhelming force, armoured cars and the best weapons that money could buy. At the end of the day they are government employees and only like to kill unarmed women and children who are cooperating peacefully. They don't have the stomachs for a real guerrilla clash because they are weaklings and fools drawing a paycheck to enforce the NWO.

This is why the American Civil War is going to rage long and hard when it begins. Australians would never understand these kinds of people. They're men and they have principles. They don't allow their government to beat them down in the way that Aussies call their "reasonability." It's an American thing. It has a lot to do with Americans having a lot more average testosterone in their bloodstreams than Australian "men" do. A woman will take the easiest and most sensible route and submit. Some men you have to kill because they just won't knuckle under like they are supposed to. You can see why it is so important to keep your people well armed. You can also see why their most important propaganda goal is always demonising men and maleness. It is the only opposition they have to worry about.

I have the weight of modern science and biology on my side when I say that deep down, every communist is a gutless coward who is an opportunist, not an idealist. Free men will die for what they believe in but a communist is only interested in other people dying for what they believe in.