Friday, March 27, 2015

A Brain That Doesn't Work and Another That Works Perfectly

A schizophrenic by design.

(I laughed at the part about 'Thals "failing to evolve into Saps," even as the author is admitting Saps brain looks like a horse designed by a committee of drunkards and lunatics.)

Saps admits he is a genetic train wreck.

Sucks to be you, Sapiens. It really does. Pity about that hardware you got up there, you need to take that thing back to the factory and see if they'll exchange it for one that works. You must not know your left hand from your right with that piece of junk you got stuck between your ears. A shame about the sides of your head not even matching up.

People With Asperger's Syndrome Have Fully Functional Undamaged Brains That Are The Exact Opposite Of Homo Sapiens. CT Scans don't lie. Bigger overall, thicker corpus callosum between the two spheres of the brain, densely wired with more cortical folds, more associative brain tissue than is ever found in Saps, larger occipitals and a "swollen" amygdala. These doctors are sweating bullets over all of it, especially because they actually took Aspergers out of the DSM shortly before this study came out, sort of like the end of an M. Night Shymalayan movie. That's right, Saps. We're the natives. Welcome to our planet. You made fools out of yourselves calling us 'alien.' I'd say make yourself at home but it looks like you already have.

In addition to greater genetic symmetry than Saps, 'Thals have consistently fuller brains with no structures underdeveloped unless you count their crude and large amygdala. Trouble is, the only sophisticated thing in the Saps brain is his amygdala.

I am sure you got your diagnosis at a young age, the same as I did. It's a painful moment when the doctor explains to you that you talk like a fag and your sh*t is all retarded. Don't worry, scro - many 'tards out there are living kick-ass lives. My first wife was retarded. She's a pilot now.

HTTP Server for x86 Compiles to Real Mode

Gone mad the past 72 hours after discovering this.

Was working with CivetWeb for my server, slowly adapting the code to my needs.

Chucking it. Gonna make this the cornerstone of Vault-OS web server. I have tons of cross-platform code to beef it up with additional services.

Have not tried it compiling to 32 bit protected mode yet. I tried serving up some of my VOS pages from real mode and it flies. Really smooth.

If I can get this running with Causeway stub it is going to be amazing.

If I am clever, I can make this compile from very small kernel up to extended with all the perks. Wanted to run VOS on my little 386 boards as well as my bigger and more modern hardware. Keep getting the price down for entry so the equipment rarely sets anybody back for more than a few dollars.

Russia Devoted To Packing For ITZ

Preparing accordingly for the coming Third World War

(Courtesy Vault-Co Reader)

Notice the article mentions that the construction of 5000 new shelters could run as high as a billion dollars in Russia, compared with the United States which has not invested $2.00 since the 1970's in a Civil Defense program, dismantling even what little they had.

The funny thing to think about in comparison is Steve Ballmer recently paying two billion dollars for a basketball team, which isn't even a real commodity in any sane sense of the word. In Russia that same amount of money is devoted by the government to saving the lives of 100,000+ citizens.

Feeling sorry for Kwanstainia is a lot like feeling sorry for the inhabitants of Sodom. Strangers would care more about them than they ever did about themselves. The truth is, the end came as a mercy killing. Better they should cease to exist than to continue in such debauched degenerate meaninglessness.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Neanderthals Can't Cope On A Stage

This research seems to prove something I have suspected for a long time.

I read this and related papers last night and they all arrive at similar conclusions.

The 'Thal cannot cope in a theatrical setting with hundreds of potential interactions with hordes of people expressing fake, overdramatic responses they don't really feel. It completely overloads them.

In the course of everyday existence their larger, simpler amygdalas get exhausted trying to disregard one fake emotional expression after another. This is the reason that after a while, they just assume whatever the expression, it is best treated as some sort of potential hostility.

Homo Sapiens often smiles when he is angry, threatening or pretending to be amicable when in fact he is menacing. Other Homo Sapiens, themselves fake and contrived, have complex social intelligence to recognize the other guy is also completely full of sh*t. This is all unconscious and completely instinctive as an expression of the hardware inside their head which is otherwise junk technology.

Modern Neanderthals have to wade through reams of fake emotions, discard 90% of it and try to figure out which expressions are genuine. By the end of the day, their brains feel like they have run an emotional marathon.

When a Neanderthal smiled at you 100,000 years ago it meant he was friendly and in a good mood. This is the reason our amygdalas never needed to be much complex.

I also seriously doubt if we caught a Homo Habilis trespassing that he tried to win us over with charm and fake grins. I am sure the Neanderthal could see the stranger was ugly, angry and dangerous. Category = Hostile. Answer = Crush To Size of Shoebox. Problem solved. No big demands on the amygdala there.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

War As An Instrument Of Genocide

For the attackers and the defenders.

It doesn't matter who wins. Both sides lose.

Australia began to have its traditional family unit hacked apart in 1916 and even the customs of marriage and childbirth turned into "special cases." The simplest interactions between living biological organisms were gradually redefined as anomalies and this weakened the country for many successive kinds of cultural attacks in several swift waves. The result is always the same seen over the course of time for all the Western nations.

Civilizations are a way to organize the protection of women and children. That's all they exist for. To argue otherwise is the tactic of those doomed to oblivion. The sands of history testify to the fate of people who allow themselves to be confused in this regard.

Friday, March 20, 2015

People Who Live In Glass Vaults Shouldn't Throw Nukes

Civil Defense Program For Western Civilization Doesn't Exist

Set Us Up The Bomb

I am sure after 70 years of decline since the end of the last World War, people will sober up and pull together in the aftermath somehow to restore Kwanstainia to greatness.

Or not. Nobody sane left enough to restore anything.

Nobody likes an I-told-you-so.

I told you so on this blog about 15 years ago but I knew much earlier than that it was coming. You could see it taking shape back then. Even knowing a little human history seems to give you superhuman powers of clairvoyance to those who know nothing at all. It is not that hard to extrapolate because basic manboon nature never changes.

If you want to see how completely out to lunch most of the Western world is, check out this article where they talk like they are living in the Star-Trek future utopia and nuclear war is a forgotten threat from the ancient past. They are radioactive tater-tots just waiting to happen. Putin's guests at an outdoor barbecue with China working the grill. Sheeple are apparently comic extras in the next World War.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Itz Coming

One of those tragic errors made by tenth generations

Again and again and again.

Pride comes before a fall.

Give Us Your Guns

The government will protect your children. 

Unless a gun is necessary for hunting, there is no reason for any private individual to own one, particularly someone in a family with school age children.

I can think of a reason.

Only criminals want to disarm their fellow man. It doesn't matter if they dress themselves up with respectability. The only person who would ever want to take away the right to defend oneself, especially from women and children, would be an evil person intending to do them harm whether they are conscious of that impulse or not. Most of mankind lacks the capacity for reflection, this means many terrible atrocities begin with somebody who does not have self-understanding.

Don't you think Stalin and Cromwell believed they knew what was best for others? Of course they did. But look at their fruits. Rivers of blood.

Monday, March 16, 2015

The Law Pertaining To "Gods" (Anointed Ones) In Akkadian

I was reading through the Hammurabic code last night and I noticed the same pattern of legal treatments applied to three different kinds of people in the ancient kingdoms of Sumeria and Akkadia.

There were basically three classifications of legal distinction in the Hammurabic code :

1. One applied to "Gods" (Incorrect english translation, better understood as anointed or highborn special people of the uppermost class of rulers, "them who wish not to be named," and "those who none dare challenge" in other contexts.)

2. One applied to the "servants" and "watchers" of the "Gods." (Better translated as a more muscular, more astute and more warrior-like slave or servant employed by the "Gods" to surround them, protect them, act as their delegates and serve them.) The laws seem to indicate there was often less mingling between the "watchers" and any other class of the society, as befits guards and sentries. This class of people is marked as capable of "great insight and craft" as found in The Book of Enoch in the Apocrypha.

3. One applied to the lowest grade of ordinary people, divided into "freemen" and "slaves." Their lives are not worthy of the death penalty in most cases, rather a mere fine for those who take them arbitrarily or who cheat them in a transaction or abuse them. As with Jimmy Savile, probably only applied on the rare instances someone had the nerve to dare accuse them.

Here is an example of how accusations of adultery towards the "Gods" were handled :

Slander :

Ex. Law #127: "If any one "point the finger" at a sister of a god or the wife of any one, and can not prove it, this man shall be taken before the judges and his brow shall be marked. (by cutting the skin, or perhaps hair.)" 

The english world continues to insist that "Gods" is the right translation when in fact we discover here that the "Gods" walk down the street in plain view, can commit adultery with human beings and are so common as to carry their own distinction in the law as merely another class of people, albeit of a very distinguished nature. This has been a strong hint for over a century that many translations of Sumerian and Akkadian are inherently faulty in that they apparently confused mythical creatures with the very real men and women being spoken of.

In another place, we learn that these "Gods" were taller than ordinary people (the giant ruling class spoken of in Genesis) and that they "bore high crowns" to make themselves appear even taller than they were in the presence of commoners. I figure many of the women were 7 feet on average, plus a huge piece of headgear to give them the appearance of being nearly 8 feet tall. To such people the laws that govern the "Gods" were applied. It was obvious from their appearance to the lower classes who such people were. Today I am sure most of them would marvel at the fact that they occupy our leadership classes and modern people are less capable of distinguishing them by appearance than were the ancient commoners and peasants of Sumeria.

Lastly, wherever we have translated "God" in Akkadian, I do not think the Akkadians believed in a Supreme Being as do we Christians. I think scholars have translated "God" where they intended the "most high" melonhead ruler, unseen and in secret chambers where the commoners were never permitted to step. I am thinking of somebody like the surviving Atlantean ruler depicted in the movie "10,000 B.C." revered as a "supreme being" who is really just flesh and blood.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Interesting New Theory On Stonehenge

Paradigm shattering vision describes Stonehenge as pedestal supports for a huge platform!

Very interesting and there is precedent to support the idea.

Amazing how people can go along for three centuries all acting on basic assumptions about Stonehenge until someone comes along who can see what is right in front of everybody else. It is the assumptions that preclude progress in almost every field of science. If they are not well-founded they are just clever obstructions.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Deflating The Big Bang In One Pop

Milky Way now believed to be much larger than before.

You don't need a degree in astrophysics to understand this one.

If the Milky Way is 165 quadrillion km across, supposedly having expanded from a small concentrated ball of matter around the time of the "Big Bang," then how did it expand to 150 thousand light years in diameter in "13.2" billion years (they claim it as the age of the universe) when astrophysicists say it was only expanding at light speed during the first few minutes of the "Big Bang." According to them, it would scarcely be expanding at all during the ensuing 15 billion years that followed. According to their calculations it should not exceed ten thousand light years in diameter.

Guess what their explanation is? You got it right. "Dark Matter" created sufficient mass inertia to make the Milky Way expand at the rate they required to fit their projections. So what is the mathematical figure associated with "Dark Matter" in how much it accelerates expansions? Whatever you want it to be. It is a magic number of something you can't see, measure or register on any instrument. It exists because scienmagists say if it didn't that would mean they are complete idiots.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Drink Up

Fluoride is a health supplement, sunlight is bad for you and meat gives you heart disease.

This is the world I live in.

Let's Investigate Harmless Dead People

If the same people are not still in power, how come the police are only allowed to "investigate" people after they have died?

As I have said before, until I see the paramilitary force breaking down the gate of Buckingham Palace with a battering ram I will never believe that any of this is anything but grandiose theatre.

Prince Charles had no interest whatsoever sexually in Princess Diana, his beautiful blushing bride at the height of her fertility. Everyone knows who fathered her son and it wasn't Charles.

Prince Charles had his good, close personal friend Jimmy Savile knighted after rumours circulated widely about him being a notorious pedophile. Prince Charles often received Savile in private at the palace and spent long hours discussing their next caper, enjoying the closest intimate friendship with him for many, many years.

Never forget this smug, self-righteous professionally unemployed man has been one of the leading lights of the totalitarian environmentalism movement worldwide and a proponent of carbon trading schemes to curb "emissions" for decades. He has thrown his weight behind it to get legislation drafted supporting a central international control of resources pursuant to world government for most of his life. How much do you want to bet the Rothschild family pulls this guy's strings like a human puppet with what they've got on him?

Savile bragged on camera shortly before he died to Louis Theroux that he was "untouchable" because of his connections to the very highest levels of the British government and Buckingham palace.

If you wonder why we devote so much blog to this topic, it is because we believe it highlights the colossal canyon between the world people think they live in and the world they really live in. These people are the same people selling you the lies that they want you to believe because it renders you harmless to them and powerless to protect yourself. Civil Defense today consists of ignoring these idiots and realising you can't trust a single word you hear from people like this. Not a word. Nobody is coming to protect Western Civilization and nobody is coming to protect you. It is left to you to see to these things because these guys are driving the demolition truck. They are not the good guys. They are the bad guys and they are in charge. Think about it.

NASA Reads Vault-Co

Totally out in left field? Or a home run before most people realize the game has started?

Vault-Co was here 12 years ago.

NASA apparently considers this issue so important as to devote the majority of its efforts to uncovering the strange phenomena seen now in the Earth's magnetic field.

Before we were right, Robert Felix was right. We just had the good sense to recognise superb real science when we saw it.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Merck Faked MMR Vaccine Trial Results and Effectiveness


The untouchable, unassailable religious faith-based MMR!!! Only a conspiracy nut would dare suggest it was hurting more kids than it ever helped!

Being sued by U.S. Federal government for FRAUD. I bet you think I made this story up. Nope.

A Grand Minimum By Any Other Name

Vault-Co called it over a decade ago.

This stuff is nothing but preliminaries. The climate is just grumbling and preparing to roll over.

It is the implications that will get you.

SuperPimp Kiddy Procurer For Them Who Wish Not To Be Named

Epstein is the man with the plan. I bet he didn't use any of that secret spy footage to control policy on Israel and surrounding nations. Not at all. That would be just wrong.

Scared to report this for fear it will trigger off another fake terrorist attack to try to drown the story on the back page.

What a sorry, weak lot of rascals the Sapiens has for his leaders. I guess he cannot elect a man better than he is and that means he has to settle for unstable, stupid and dishonest weaklings.

Any man who was even 1% of what they pretended to be in public would never have taken the bait off Epstein. It is not Epstein who is the real problem. The real problem is these pathetic jackasses that style themselves the elites who know best for the rest of mankind.

It has been said the sociopath can't fix the fact that deep down he fears being exposed as inferior and the psychotic can't stop fearing everything because he cannot solve his problems without resorting to violence. Both of them live in inconsolable fear at some level all their wretched lives. They start by torturing animals because it is their first experience with something they can believe is controllable to them.

Pseudomallei Bioweapon Escapes And Colonizes U.S.

A deadly pathogen with upwards of 50% mortality rate.

If not deliberate then an indictment of the entire system, which ignored almost every protocol in existence in order to see to it this super bacteria got outside the lab where it was cultured.

Soviet Republic Of Kwanstainia

I wisely defected before the Bolshevists seized power.

What a dump. You wouldn't kennel a dog in that toilet.

Any place ruled by Bolshies, you can kiss the environment goodbye. Parts of Russia were toxified for a thousand years by Bolshevist management of industry.

BBC Journalists Who Exposed Savile's Horrific Career Shown Door

The BBC knows who controls Britain.

Investigations of Jimmy Savile end up at Buckingham Palace every time. That's why you will never see anything but a puppet show investigation of Savile's uncountable crimes.

An honest investigation would have even the listless, dreary, soulless Brits rioting in the streets and that is why it will never be permitted. When the BBC special report got to the part where they staged fights between orphans and wild dogs for the entertainment of very distinguished guests you'd see molotovs crashing into storefronts all over Britain. This time, by the natives.