Sunday, May 24, 2015

Jim Penman's Book Is Out And Some Humans Can Read, Apparently

Within certain limits they may even understand what they are reading.

I am not optimistic about the book's impact on anything because it is too important and too significant ... which usually means it will be ignored. That in itself is part of the decline.

I would say that the Nobel Prize committee is completely asleep at the wheel if Jim Penman does not get a Nobel Prize for this book and for his original The Hungry Ape. They demonstrate their complete irrelevance by dismissing it. I read Alfred Nobel's biography. This is the reason he founded that tradition and paid for it to become an international arbiter of things that contribute to the advancement of mankind.

Notice Jim's comment about being shut out of academia for being K-Selected. It is a virtual moratorium on sanity.

I know that the production of obscenely confused leftist madmen is a result of the maladaptive development that precedes the expression of the DRD74A gene and the stem cells for growth of the amygdala. It is terribly ironic and also somehow poetic justice that gang-raping the most K-selected race of humans that has ever existed resulted in mankind being overrun by R-selected lunatics at the end of each civilization. In those rare cases when certain genes for Neanderthal oxygen transfer develop correctly in your genetic makeup, they can leave you with the aerobic capacity of an Olympic decathlete. The other 90% of the time they will leave you an asthmatic wreck. You might call it the revenge of the Neanderthal. Think about that every time you see one of those guys in a tie-dyed pink shirt screaming that capitalism is destroying the earth. It's a bad idea for such disparate peoples to mix. A certain genetic hygiene which appears to operate with a sardonic streak on those unwise enough to attempt to build Babel again.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Channeling The Sun Underground

This is an oldie but goodie.

If you've ever spent more than a minute thinking about it, you have probably thought that a large array of solar panels advertises your location not only from the ground but also the air.

I tried experimenting with camouflage nets over my panels in Brisbane. It instantly cuts the power to half on any panel beneath one.

With the new optical fibers described in the article above (now available commercially and soon ubiquitous) you could have barely discernible conduits aboveground directing sunlight to your power room deep underneath with the fiber right above the panel. From the air, invisible to even the lowest flyovers.

This is also great for protecting your panels from exposure to the elements, close-by nuclear blast waves, earthquakes and hailstorms, scavengers vandalising them and who knows what else. The maintenance of your power system is all in the same room, you could service the solar panels without leaving the shelter, keep them clean and productive for many years past their expiration dates aboveground.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Declining Societies : Solutions Not Welcome

Very interesting link by a reader. I was already aware of three fourths of the article but some of it was brand new to me. 

Declining civilisations are a lot like a Monty Python skit where people are screaming a bridge is about to collapse and they are inquiring of a crowd if any of them are engineers. Several real engineers hold their hands up but nobody calls on them. Instead, they ask a baker, a hairdresser and a florist what they think should be done about the dangerously unstable bridge. The engineers finally get discouraged and they trudge off downcast. As soon as they are out of frame, the bridge collapses. That's the basic story of the end of the previous 40 or so civilisations we know about.

A friend of mine a couple of years back told me about the Roman Emperor given a tour of the watermills at the edge of the empire where two guys had figured out how to do the work of a thousand slaves grinding bread flour simply by using water power. I went off and read a little bit more of the background on the watermill in the last days of Rome. Sure enough, the late Roman Empire had a half a dozen inventions that could have transformed their lives overnight and reversed their fortunes. Nobody had the brains to try to deploy any of them as solutions. Instead, civil servants were coming up with oxen powered warships (decks covered with manure waist deep in a day) and mice trained to catch grain beetles to control spoilage (Mice poo and fleas as opposed to tighter barrels, which worked in the Byzantine Empire). The exact sort of solutions you would expect to get from a guy with an IQ around average and way too much authority. Stuff that just made things worse.

I continue to be amazed in the present era where you compare the confidence and self-assurance of the self-appointed ruling class on television with the results they are getting. You'd think that with their societies crumbling around them on a daily basis, they might be humbled and start to wonder if the direction they are urging us all in is actually working. It is their special gift to be nearly impervious to feedback. No matter what happens they continue to blame the problem squarely on the existing limitations on government power (which are increasingly non-existent) and believe with religious style zeal that the earthly paradise is always just one more emergency legislation session away. Only a temporary extension of State power, you see … until the "crisis" passes. Except every week there seems to be a new "crisis."

Saturday, May 16, 2015

An Old Painting Of Neanderthals Before Censorship and Thought Crime

These conceptions were drawn in the fifties because there was widespread knowledge of the Neanderthal skulls that had been found in the 1920's and 1930's and what are being called Denisovan skulls today. Scientists began to realize back then that Neanderthals were fully developed human beings barely distinguishable from modern people. Fragments of skull found by German anthropologists in the 1930's showed the same faces that people like me have today.

Notice the dog in the woman's lap. Of course, the Neanderthal caves were filled with the bones of dogs. Sixty years later, they tell people the reason there were dog bones in Neanderthal caves is that the Neanderthals must have been eating them. They claim the same for all the bones of horses there and the bones of cows. They claim that horse skeletons found in a line outside a Neanderthal cave (clearly tied off to a hitching rail) were all slaughtered and eaten and then had their bones laid out in neat rows assembled like they had simply perished there. The humans actually believe this stuff. You wouldn't think anybody would buy that story but … the humans believe it.

If you asked an anthropologist in 1954 when modern looking Neanderthals had been found he'd laugh and say everybody knew they had found them in Amud in 1925 during excavations there. After Israel got control over the site, official history books were issued claiming the Tokyo archaeologists were the first on the scene in 1961 and no previous digs had taken place there. What happened to the skulls all displayed in science books in the 1940's? Israel removed them from public view after the end of the second World War and they were never seen again. Today, if you ask to see the Amud skulls, they show you a picture of something that looks like a baboon.

Modern people think the site analysis they have heard published in the last ten years must mean these fossils were discovered recently. In fact, the recent revisions are hasty, desperate attempts to correct the errors adhered to all through the 70's and 80's which made a clean break with previous ideas that had formerly been considered widespread in academia. In 1955, everybody knew Neanderthals were fully modern humans except more muscular and better looking. After the culture wars of the 1960's seemed to have effectively burned all the libraries on earth, the new mythology of the hump troll was created out of thin air. This nascent tradition of making up science for political ends became a huge industry that prospered for the next half century. Soon the early Neanderthal palaeontology was relabelled "proto-Neanderthal" and finally shoved down the memory hole so hard that by the early 1990's you could be convinced that all of that at the start of the previous century never happened.

How did I find out about all of this and where did I get all these banned books from? I got them from my street business selling used secondhand books in New York in the 1990s where I often dealt in the remnants of the estates of dead men from wealthy rent-controlled apartments around Central Park. These rich guys had tons of books that had not been printed in decades and were largely forbidden for the peasants to read or even possess. I used to sell their paperbacks and sit down with these hardbacks on a milk crate flipped upside down and read all day long, occasionally pausing to open my hand for money from a customer buying a book off my table in front of Union Station.

I read and I read and I read. Then I read some more. Day after day, week after week, month after month. I read in the open air and I read under an umbrella. Sometimes at the end of the day when I pushed my books back over to the West Side warehouse I would be so engrossed in a book that I tried to push and read at the same time. Months turned into years and I read all the non-existent, out of print forbidden literature and secret books that the world had left from the shelves of dead men whose heirs had only wanted their money and left their books for the garbage. The doorman of that man's apartment took $10 from me and let me fill up a cardboard box. I was just a nobody, a loser who sold books on the sidewalk in New York City. I was also a person who managed to read almost all of the books they no longer wish to see in public circulation anywhere. What they said should remain in their private libraries for their own edification, I read sitting on a milk crate. The privileges that billionaires enjoyed were also extended to me because I was at the bottom of the food chain when those men died and nobody was there to see to it their secret taboo library was burned.

Those primitive Neanderthals with their high speed precision jeweller's drills. Sapiens says he was only putting these people out of their misery when he genocided them and he was doing their women a favor by turning them into camp whores. The children were yoked to posts and forced to make spear points and arrow heads and quality axes and daggers. The ancient Celtics said the "Tuatha De Danann" had such craft that any weapon their children made was superior to anything any ordinary mortal could ever fashion.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Modern Medicine : Baby Killing Assembly Line

Just one anecdote in a sea of infants sent to Davy Jones locker by wild-eyed cranks with stethoscopes swinging around their necks.

At some point, no matter how slow you are, you'd have to start asking if this is all just a misunderstanding or misplaced confidence. Anybody would start to wonder if this was really just a product of human ignorance and not planned culling of the "useless eaters."

All through the seventies and eighties books were published in truckloads urging governments to stem population growth with stealth measures. Paul Ehrlich and his hordes of eugenicists dominated academics and it was almost a required political orthodoxy for scholars to propound if they wanted to get tenure.

Like most people, you probably would balk at seriously considering an idea like that. The problem is that those same people now occupy all the power positions in government.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Getting Custom Web Fonts (Icon files) To Load On Ancient Browsers (IE6+)

I messed around with this quite a bit before it showed up correctly on some of my cheap thin client testing machines.

This font syntax correctly loads web fonts for browser apps going back to the time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. IJW (It Just Works). The ultimate polyfill for browsers that fart dust.

Nobody will believe the browser applications I have running on Vault-OS until they see them with their own eyes. It is Raphael that works the magic for me because it knows to switch to VML on the fossil browsers for IE.

Feature #1 On The Cheap, Reusable Vault Suit

A Peltier device on the wrist requiring less than a tenth of an amp adds automatic heating and air conditioning to the suit.

I have always had a plan to build the suit from cheap components available at the hardware store but always had trouble trying to work out a cheap way to cool and heat the suit on very small amounts of energy. I had thought about mounting the Peltier plate behind the neck. Turns out the best place is on the wrist.

They are calling the commercial version Wristify but it is impossible to patent the basic idea, which it turns out is to mount the device at the base of the wrist. That's public domain.

Biometrics have come a long way since I did my first crude experiments with Bluetooth in 2009 to transmit vital signs. There are now cheap all-in-one boards for temperature, heart beat and blood pressure sold widely instead of as individual components. My plan was to use Vault-OS to report on the location of anybody in the Vault at any time and transmit their vital signs. I would add a distress button so somebody could call for help and a distress beacon so they could be found. If the suit was impregnated with silver it would kill odors and if it was made from a rip-stop hemp fiber composite it would last a long time without tearing. For a couple months there I was drawing diagrams constantly to figure out how it would work.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Now You're Talking Crazy Mon

Australian PM advisor has a sanity attack in a public place.

What next? Paper money is worthless? The conspiracy nuts are out in force now. The things these people come up with.

Wait - reality television is cheaper to shoot and produce than regular sitcoms? You're just speculating. I don't think any reasonable person would buy that. The truth is always somewhere in between, where I feel most comfortable by not having to draw a conclusion either way, whatever the subject.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

VOS Server HTML Port 65000

UPDATE : Thanks to Vault-Co reader I found out that 65000 is locked on many machines because it is a port often used by demon drivers to get past firewalls. I have noticed port 12 is largely unused and unreserved, the number of the apostles. Might consider that the VOS http port, it is auspicious and close to many basic TCP-IP services. Feedback much appreciated. Your first link in your shelter might be to "localhost:12" or "VOSWEB:12" in a browser.

Decided to grab port 65000 for hosting HTTP server in VOS. Been debugging on it for the past couple of months.

Was interested to know if anybody had any objection or a good reason to use another port. I am getting kind of fond of this one and intend to make it the default port for all HTTP services in VOS.

You could have an impact on future generations right now so if you know any rationale for not using it let me know. As far as I can tell this is a largely unreserved port unused by any other recognized/accepted protocol. It is up in the regions often associated with automation and SCADA systems like BACNet and ModBus on Ethernet. (Will support both if possible in first version)

On any web server connected to a VOS network you'd type in :

"http://localhost:65000" (to surf to your site running on the current machine)

- or -

"http://VOS:65000" (to surf to the listed domain on on the network, could be any static IP)

Really fond of this port number, reminds me of the Commodore 64 a bit. Any feedback, be it anecdotal or otherwise, much appreciated.

P.S. In the course of testing various incarnations of low requirements PCs as VMs I stumbled across this abandonware site for a couple really good embedded versions of good shelter OS starters. Some of this stuff was considered good enough for military use at the time. Crazy browser (fully HTML5 compliant with Websockets) appears to run really well on the embedded version with Unicows. Some basic info here.

Dalton Minimum - or Grand Minimum?

Another Little Ice Age ... or Snowball Earth? Either way, 90% of mankind will not be continuing on from this point.

If it feels like a Grand Minimum, looks like a Grand Minimum and has a Grand Minimum solar cycle, will it really matter if it starts to abate in fifty years? By that time, the planet will be razed.

Violation of Posse Comitatus

It doesn't matter. There are no Americans left who can read, anyway.

Once you get used to seeing regular military marching through your streets, the next step is a logical progression too late to protest about.

Their continuity was never in question. It is your continuity that should concern you.

“Until they became conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.” 
― George Orwell1984

Sino-Soviet Union In World War Three

The John Birch society was right fifty years ago when Robert Welch predicted it.

They were right about everything.

Yeah That'll Work

The economy is a big limited piece of pie and the government's job is to see to it that nobody gets a slice too big.

The average inhabitant of Western civilization has an IQ of 97 and this is what they actually believe.

The world is a museum of marxist failures and once America embraces socialism she will end up like every other train wreck depressing agony toilet on the planet calling itself a nation.

America was a beautiful dream that lasted a little while, just long enough for the other 90% of the population to get its boots on and get involved improvamenting it. Look how good it is working now.

Bill Ayer's stealth manchurian candidate has softened them up. Now he will finish the job. Mission accomplished.

Monday, May 4, 2015

MINIX 3 : Designed For A Vault?

I have been watching this one for a while.

I have my current VOS build running in a VirtualBox with this OS and it is pretty fantastic for reliability. It definitely runs better than the other VirtualBox with FreeDOS.

There are a lot of ARM boards that seem to run really well with this, another reason it is a strong candidate.

Another big reason is that it has a modern HTML browser that can be run to link to localhost. FreeDOS only supports a simple text interface monitor for the server when it is running, you have to actually run a browser on another machine to connect in. I do this on VirtualBox no problem but deployed on a real machine it could be seen as a huge inconvenience.

UPDATE : I forgot to mention, it is also stocked with quite a few critical document viewers for things like .PDF and .RTF, critical to the memex library of searchable documents in Vault-OS. Another thing you probably won't see in FreeDOS any time soon.  One installation would be a complete web server and workstation together.

P.S. The real challenge would be to get this running on a cheap thin client like an Evo T30, a computer you can usually pick up for one dollar on EBay plus S&H to send it. Since the Evo T30 runs FreeDOS you should be able to get this working on it as well. These thin clients often have specifications and MTBF that far exceed custom grade military spec computer boards. They are built to be tough and "just work" forever.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Personality Cults and Loss of the Martial Virtues

Dr. Jim Penman, possibly the smartest lawncare man in the history of mankind, from RMIT Melbourne

The parallels between Rome at 100 B.C. and Britain in 2015 A.D. are too numerous to list.

Even the desire or impulse to do remarkable things has gone missing in the past two or three generations. Like all last generations, convinced they are the most informed when they are in fact the least. The little things that add up to a man's habits are not found in them and it is these habits that produce problem solvers.

I always believed the Byzantine Empire was more about nostalgia and epilogue than the founding of a society to replace Rome. It was where all the sad survivors ended up under the banner of Constantine.

BIOHISTORY by Jim Penman. I'm getting a copy this weekend.

The only thing special about Vault-Co, that distinguishes our conclusions from anybody else is that we believe this will all end in thermonuclear, biological and chemical warfare. Others tend to believe it will end in a slow grind back to the Dark Ages. We don't think that is the way that the West will go out.

(Tipped off by Vault-Co reader)

Trust "Cracked" Magazine To Actually Get Some Parts Right

This is the best article I have seen on the internet describing some of the traits of people with Aspergers Syndrome.

When a satirical publication gets more of the facts right than mainstream scientists in the popular media you know you are living in a declining society.

Notice how the instant you find out some of the real facts you start to come to the same conclusions we drew many years ago at Vault-Co.

Particularly poignant are the points outlining the trouble that people with Aspergers Syndrome have practicing complex social deceptions in groups to get their way. That is exactly the kind of personality you'd expect to emerge from a million years at a couple hundred degrees below zero. No real leeway for bullsh*tting in that gene pool. Just stick to the information or you can freeze to death in five minutes.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Piping Hot Fresh Soylent Green

All socialist "health" care ends the same way, sooner or later.

Kwanstainian News Flash

Usual crap. Currently several performing primate circuses on tour in major cities.

Improvamentation keeps on improvamenting.

No link. Not important enough to warrant one.

Keep trying the same approach and expect different results.

The Black Hole Between Western Science's Ears

Chinese found another one of "those" dinosaurs.

Beijing’s Chinese Academy of Sciences found the fossils, discovered in Hebei Province, indicated the dinosaur (fowl) was small, covered in feathers and possessed a large bone extending from its forearms – appearing to support a wing.
Right, you mean like a "bird" or something. Except not.

This is wild. My dogs are chasing "dinosaurs" in the backyard right now! Call for a scienmagist!

Monday, April 27, 2015

The Black Hole Between His Ears

Hawkings Yawkin' 'Bout The Usual Drivel

Holograms make it more scienmajistical. I thought an appearance by the Teletubbies would've made it perfect.

Wait, humans are violent and aggressive?!? Stop the presses! I take it all back, it was worth the money to keep this Luftmensche in cheap liquor and hookers if he figured that out all by himself.

Tenth generation. They think anything is scienmagistical if its got like ... lasers n'stuf. All I need to win a Nobel nowadays is a mirrored disco ball, pocket laser pointer and a white lab coat.