Sunday, September 21, 2014

Rent-A-Mob Protests Inaction Against ManBearPig

Soros provides the catering and the transportation.

I love the on-the-street interviews where the protestors reveal they barely even know where they are or what they are protesting. Somebody told them to get on a bus.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Classic Tortoise & Hare Tale Where The Tortoise Ends Up Nuking The Hare Into Oblivion

While Kwanstainia slept, both Russia and China have been surging ahead technologically.

Half of America is so doped up on either prescription drugs or illegal narcotics that most of them barely even know what year it is or where they are half the time. Reminds you of late Roman Empire with bloated opium addicts staggering around in togas too short to cover their rears asking if anybody knew where the next feast was being held.

Face it, WW3 will be a mercy killing of sorts. The Kwanzanians lost the plot a long, long time ago. It is like putting a confused, senile old hog out of its misery. Time to make that bacon and serve it up piping hot with some Cobalt-60 isotopes.

So go all tenth generations. Manboons. Manboons never change.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Scottish Independence Referendum Was A Nakedly Rigged Fraud

As Stalin said, it doesn't matter who votes. What matters is who counts the votes.

Everybody knows it, nobody with guts steps up and says it out loud

Too much Scottish Oil On Tap To Let Them Leave

No exit polls? How curious. It is like the elite knew in advance how the vote would go so why bother?

Don't hold your breath Kwanstainians if you are expecting to ever get any democracy from your masters other than plebiscites. Now you know how the South felt before the Civil War. If it was important or democratic, you wouldn't be allowed to vote on it.

No matter how you voted, Scots, always remember …


How Russia Broke The Yoke of Communism and Then Saved The World

Go, Vladimir!! Kicking ass and taking names with MOX fuel!

While the dullards of the Kwanstain continue to try to spin their windmills to prove they can power electric lights at least one day a month, the Russians are moving into the Jetsons future.

MOX tech is more advanced than pebble-bed reactors. Like a lot of Russian technology these guys keep flying under the radar and popping up with new innovations that look like something from a 1950's science fiction novel. Meanwhile in the Kwa, science and engineering peaked and then have flatlined ever since the end of the 70's when almost all the foundations of the tech they parasite off now were finalised. The average Kwanstainian can barely read, write or speak at a high school competency level … in Russia they are mass producing a nuclear fuel that vanishes in a puff of smoke when it is used.

The System Is Fundamentally Sound. For Thee.

Ultra-Wealthy Billionaire Bolshevists : The system works! Fiat currency is essentially sound. Put your faith in the western economies and don't believe these conspiracy nuts warning about a financial armageddon!

(They all rush out to convert their dollars into gold bullion)

Ultra-Wealthy Billionaire Bolshevists : I am just taking precautions! Pay no attention to my actions. Remember, if we all think positive we will be just fine! I may be "extra-fine," however.

The End of The Kwa Forever

You knew when they were holding impromptu street interviews with Kwanstainians and none of them could think of a country starting with the letter "U" that their dominance of tech was just an old story to be committed to the history books.

All they had left was tech. If that goes, it is just a 3,000 mile wide Bosnia waiting to happen.

Thomas Chittum will turn out to be right. Everybody else will turn out to be completely wrong. Mark my words, you will see it in your lifetime, I guarantee you.

There was a reason that the Kwa dominated the world for 200 years. That reason has vanished and so will the Kwa. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Forgot the copybooks of Kipling, climb into the hopper of history for disposal.

The most hilarious part is how many modern people keep screeching about things just getting better every day. Sounds exactly like the last decade of the Roman Empire. Barbarians? You're being ridiculous, barbarians live at least a two weeks walk from the center of Rome. You'll never see barbarians burning and sacking Rome. Impossible. Could never happen.

Increasingly, my wild and outrageous predictions about the future fail to keep pace with the absurdity in the real world. I am trying but I just can't think of stuff this far out. I strive for the irrelevance of the amazing Criswell and yet my predictions still manage to come true. I have to think of even more ridiculous forecasts in order to avoid being outstripped by actual developments.

Billionaire bolshevists and millionaire marxists who have destroyed the United States over the past fifty years. Can't imagine what life would be like without'em. Happy, prosperous, free?

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Scotland Remains Attached To Baby Buggery Lord Vader Cromwell Rape Island NWO Gangsta

Well, I guess that's that.

You posters who told me I was too optimistic were right.

Anyway, I had a brief flush of dopamine dreaming about a better world there for a couple of seconds. Now it's back to packing rice and calibrating the geiger counter for me.

Nobody likes a sore loser, but was voter fraud involved? As Stalin said, it only matters who counts the votes. Notice the top ballot on the "No" table is clearly marked "Yes" and yet it has been stacked with these ballots. Somebody can't resist hinting the vote was rigged?

The Historical Benefit of Open Borders

Is this.

The reason that the deepest human instincts abhor uncontrolled immigration and open borders is that we are all descended from people who practiced the opposite behaviours in the nation-state right down to the village level.

... but don't trust me. Manboons are not a learning animal and yet they always learn for themselves, when it is too late to do them any good.

What Rudyard Kipling called The Gods of the Copybooks always return.

Late era inhabitants of declining societies have something wrong with them. As suggested here many times, it has something to do with the amygdala and the development of the amygdala has an effect on the frontal lobes, known formerly as the "Seat of All Civilization." The pre-frontal cortex develops last and shares blood vessels that started their growth at the core of the brain, the amygdala. The prefrontal and frontal cortex never develop if the amygdala doesn't develop properly and in the left-wing the overwhelming scientific evidence says the amygdala is stunted. This explains why they can't recognize terrible hazards and danger when they are precipitating these things.

The left isn't just inferior in muscular strength, reaction time in the eyes and hands and the immune response. They are just inferior people, period. Every single metric in existence demonstrates it. When they achieve critical mass a civilization collapses. This happens around every 200 years on average, give or take a couple decades either way.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Amazing Underground Construction

This documentary is about an hour long, the part that goes underground is incredible.

I envy this guy. Sitting on top of your own Fallout-style cave system is a dream come true.

I'd spend some money building this out to be a bit more modern and a lot more tech. I think it is unbelievable what this guy did on his budget.

(Courtesy Vault-Co Reader)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Kenyan Committing Troops Like Colonial Force Without Approval of Congress

They are called the articles of impeachment, Congress. If you don't have the guts to use them then you are even less qualified to hold office than this illegal immigrant "President."

This guy is so out of control he is like Idi Amin or Pol Pot. He's gone nuts. He's just shooting off at the mouth and saying anything that sounds right. I'd consider impeaching him based on his demonstrated mental unfitness for this executive role. This is a man with a long history of drug abuse, unemployment and male prostitution. He is now having a nervous breakdown in office in public in his last year, not that he was all that mentally stable for the other seven years he has tenuously held that desk.

Congress, it is time to introduce articles of impeachment and force this guy to resign. He is a one man wrecking crew and has just about finished off what was left of the United States. Benghazi alone should have triggered criminal proceedings. The dude is not wrapped too tight and you have to wonder who is really to blame ... this vagrant or the people dumb enough to vote for him. As someone recently said, America could survive Obama but it can't survive an electorate that is stupid enough to vote for someone with absolutely nothing on his resume for the past forty years.

If the chief executive does not feel the law should restrain his actions then you can't blame the other 300 million citizens if they wake up tomorrow morning and decide they are not stopping for red lights anymore and they tear the tag off their mattress and drive without seatbelts and skip paying taxes for a couple of decades.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Arctic Sea Ice Breaks All Existing Records

That's right.

Congratulations, Vault-Co readers.

We "fringe nuts" were right. This isn't the only thing we were right about. We are also right about everything else, it is just that today we are right in particular about this.

Everybody else was wrong. Everybody you know at work got it wrong. Probably a lot of you have people at home who got it wrong. You likely know a bunch of people who mostly interact with you by telling you that you are crazy, delusional and deranged. All of those people turned out to have it all wrong. Today, the real world announced that they didn't know their own asses from a hole in the ground.

Who else would challenge the consensus, even when it is a consensus of dunces? Somebody who stands out from them. If you were like them you would not display any independent capacity to think for yourself. That is the real feature that is common to all those "normal" people. THEY. CANNOT. THINK.

They were as wrong as wrong gets and they got pretty far wrong. You could say that their predictions are not worthless because if you assume the exact opposite will happen you can use them to forecast climate changes.

I'm a half century old and I can tell you with great authority that there is one thing the great mass of men will never be bright enough to prognosticate about ... and it is their own future.

They know this deep down so they are easily taken advantage of by all kinds of hucksters and conmen who volunteer to tell them what will happen in the future. These conmen are themselves the least qualified people to predict anything. You know what they say about one fool following another into a ditch.

The Holocene is over. The Ice Age is returning. Mankind is completely unprepared and will be blindsided by this catastrophic shift in temperatures. Everything they have planned for is the exact opposite of what they should have been doing. They spent billions on windfarms that freeze solid in a few minutes and stop producing electricity. They neglected the rail system which was their only hope of delivering fuel and food to cities in cold weather. They encouraged everybody to switch away from fossil fuels when coal and wood are the only fuel that will work in cold temperatures to provide energy and heat. The whole population of the planet screwed up really, really badly. If Charles Darwin was still alive he would explain to them that they just SELECTED THEMSELVES OUT OF THE GENE POOL. Nature has a consensus too and it is that hominids who are not cold adapted, vigilant and farsighted don't belong on this planet.

Plenty of people who visit this forum often tell me that they think I am a little crazy. Considering all that I have written above, just how likely do you think it is that Homo Sapiens is descended from survivors of the last million years of cold temperatures on this planet? Tell me why you think that question is crazy. Where are the instincts and adaptive behaviors that would be their natural inheritance if that were the case? You could take the easy way out and suggest they got "lost" (pseudo-science that posits that instincts vanish if not used) or you could trust your own instincts. The fact is ... Homo Sapiens never passed through an Ice Age. Ever. Not in their resume, period.

So where did Homo Sapiens come from? The Sitchin translations which have been verified as accurate by at least four other experts in Sumerian explain where Homo Sapiens came from :

Enki says to Ningishzidda who is vexed by rebellious slaves and slave revolts ...

"Let us create a Lulu, a primitive worker, the hardship to take over, let the Being the toil of the 'gods' (those who wish to remain unnamed) carry on his back... The Being that we need, it already exists. We must first weaken it, for it is too strong and too cunning as it is now in the wild. This being will be changed into a form that is more useful to us and will be no threat to the gods. All that we have to do is put on it the mark of our essence, thereby a Lulu, a Primitive Worker shall be created! The gods said let this be done that we shall have a proper servant who will bend to our will and revolt against us no longer. Let this be done, Enki and we will see this craft of your work."

Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Furry Yellow & Black Canary In The Coal Mine

Whatever is doing the bees in is merely working its way up the food chain.

Good thing all the elites pitched in billions to build the seed vault in Norway. It is almost as if they were expecting the natural food supply to be destroyed. What a stroke of luck when it turns out the only unabridged food left is completely under their control. It is almost as if somebody was planning to reduce world population very quickly with famine. Starving people to death has always been a perennial favorite with communists going back a century. They feel better about it when it occurs quietly out of sight the way you would lock up an old horse in a barn and then go on a long extended vacation. When you get back, your problems with that horse are solved.

Panic Amongst The Elite

Scotland could be the start of a wildfire that will be impossible to control.

These people advance when times are good and men are like flies in a beam of sunlight, so content they cannot be bothered to muster much opposition. When these men succeed, times get worse and suddenly people find the strength to summon up some resistance.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Lawlessness Is Arbitrary Chaos

Western civilisation has been losing ground to the advance of barbarism for fifty years as have all declining societies throughout recorded history.

Barbaric societies are arbitrary. They are run on impulse and animal gratification of passing whims by whatever psychotic can seize power. They fight wars inspired by flashes of irrational rage, driven by the hallucinations of shamans and seers, outraged at threats that do not exist and determined to destroy phantoms that are not even there. It is the not the good cause that hallows a war but the good war that hallows any cause. When the only tool you have in life is a hammer, every problem seems to be a nail or else otherwise you would have to admit you cannot cope at all with your dilemmas.

The end of the Roman Empire saw a succession of lunatics bumping off their predecessors and then launching wars that their citizens had to fight without any clear purpose or goal in mind. They bankrupted the treasury and reduced themselves to ruin and to the bitter end were still launching wars after they had no troops left to fight and no territory left to defend. Those whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.

Manboons are not a learning animal. They are scripted creatures, biological automatons, genetic wind-up toys. They neither reason, nor think, nor learn from experience, neither their own and especially not that of their ancestors. They are the simulation of life. They are an imitation of some ideal. What ideal was it that inspired their mockery of life, their hollow play-acting at life as though they were real?

Where do we get the rules by which a simulation follows? There must have been a genuine human, not a mere replica or simulacra, along which these modern creatures are modelled but not heirs of.

The real humans were the race we call the Neanderthals, named after the valley in which their bones were first found. They were a race that survived one million years of cold climate before Homo Sapiens appeared anywhere. Homo Sapiens did not pass through the Ice Age. They could not have survived. They lack the brains, brawn, character, virtue, levelheadedness and strength for it. These eternally warring savages and fruitcakes could not have emerged from one million years of cold. There is no way they could have survived given their basic character. They could not be produced even as a result of the inherent decadence of the brief warming period called the Holocene. They could not even be the result of a dearth of natural selection for tens of thousands of years. There is too much missing from them that should be present but isn't.

When you learn these rough copies of humans appeared at the Southern tip of Europe 40,000 years ago and marched north like a wave of zombies killing everything in their path, is it too theoretical to propose that having no pedigree, they must be homunculi, golems, fabricated goods made for one reason?

Having lost their original reason to exist, all that is left for them now is to fight eternal war. For them, there can never be any higher purpose than to kill or be killed. It is all that they have ever known and it is all they will ever know.

The ruling class running this sideshow from behind the scenes not only understands these creatures better than they understand themselves, they understand them at a fundamental level that bespeaks ownership. All this chaos is a way for a man to simply reclaim his property. These beasts have wandered off the reservation and their owners are trying to round them up in the way herders always have, by making noise and startling them and trying to stampede them back towards the open gate so they can be moved back into their stalls. They have fresh hay, water and oats waiting for them inside. The elites have deep, instinctive feelings that they have a right to recover their domesticated animals, who under the influence of a handful of Neanderthals have wandered off their feedlots and tried to form nations based on liberty, equality before the law and respect of private property. Again, the Neanderthal is always the troublemaker, the rabble rouser putting fantastic notions into the heads of simple grazing animals. Were it not for the Founding Fathers then George Washington would have been crowned King of America. It is a few hybrids who have created all this trouble and now it must be solved with much upheaval and chaos and violence to reconcile the animals back to their masters.

The best illustration of the barn they want to build is found in their occult megalith called the Georgia Guidestones. It is a blueprint for the construction of a new Tower of Babel to finish the work begun by the ancient melonhead Nimrod before he was whacked by the Neanderthal Ninja Esau during one of his walks in the woods. The Freemasons have dreamed of restoring this work ever since it was interrupted the last time. It is one of the fundamentals of their existence. You'll notice the structure commemorates this continuance of long term planning by including the ancient languages of Babylonian, Sumerian and Sanskrit spoken by their ancestors. "We'd have succeeded too, if it weren't for those damn meddling Neanderthal rodeo clowns."

Friday, September 12, 2014

Evidence Of Massive Marketwide Insider Trading One Minute 6 Seconds Before The First Tower Was Hit In New York

The evidence is overwhelming that there was an inside cadre who knew of the attack many months in advance and had planned to benefit from it economically.

Boeing stock was dumped all over the planet one minute before the first tower was hit. The sell orders were often marked as prepared in advance, indicating that not only did this group of insiders know about the attack, they knew the exact time the plane would hit the tower with a minute's lead time to sell their stocks and make a huge profit off catastrophe.

A Hearty F*ck-You From Neanderthal Mountain To Baby Buggery Island

 About 40,000 years overdue.

Britain couldn't organize a bowel movement, much less the European Union. The Scots have nothing to lose and when a Neanderthal has nothing to lose it is time for things to change.

Scotland didn't join a "union" with Britain. Oliver Cromwell genocided the Scots, bombarded the country with 1 ton boulders fired from a catapult 5 stories tall and stole their lands, their lives and their human dignity. What Cromwell did to Scotland and Ireland made the Nazis look like badly behaved boy scouts. In the name of God, Cromwell killed more of his own countrymen than the armies of invaders could have dreamed of.

Now it is four centuries later and it is time for the Scots to simply walk away from this island of twisted, decadent, degenerate melonhead inbreds. The Scottish people will try to walk away and we will see what the perverts and loathsome ghouls of the City of London do about it. I would not be surprised if they stage some very ugly false flags to punish the Scottish people for daring to reject their diseased, crumbling world order in their shambles towards "global government."

Guess who won't be joining your whacky club, globalists?

Scotland, hopefully. You know that "domino theory" of Communism you sold to get America into Vietnam? Well, the truth is that it is freedom that falls like dominos, not Communism. Once people see Scotland surge and revive after the boot of the NWO is lifted off their necks, who do you think is going to follow? Maybe, just maybe ... the whole planet?

I don't want to sound too optimistic. Remember, the NWO has their own blue army, as well. The main difference being that most United Nations troops have nothing to fight for except a paycheck and the nations of the world will be fighting for their freedom, their sovereignty and their posterity. I would factor that into your strategy, melonheads. Nobody on your team gives a damn deep down about anything but getting paid and even a little opposition would be enough for them to throw in the towel and go home.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

CDC : Racketeers, Baby Killers, Confessed Child Endangerment

Keep the CDC away from children and other living things.

There is no better way to catch a disease and kill/cripple/maim children than letting the Center for Disease Control get at them. Imagine Dr. Mengele in charge of his own government funded lab passing laws that made it impossible to prosecute him no matter what he did.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Peace Prize Prez Gins Up Another Vietnam With Camel Jockeys

Manboons are not a learning animal.

If you squint, sometimes Homo Sapiens almost looks like a little person. Sometimes.

You can't really say you ruined the country until you drag it into a quagmire that lasts for years after your term is up. Obama knows he only has a year left to work his magic. Now people in 2020 can hate Barack as well even when they no longer know what he looked like.

Unconstitutional undeclared wars against guerrilla forces in Bungfuggia is truly the gift that keeps on giving even after you have left office. Barack is just making sure he satisfies his Zionist campaign funders with one last act of complete madness before he turns out the lights and turns his desk over to the next idiot in line. Although Barack was originally tasked to play the good cop to get elected, a man has to eat and therefore has to pay off his backers by applying U.S. military force to the problems they created on the taxpayer's dime if he wants to enjoy a nice retirement.

Sandy Hook Potemkin Village

The wayback machine is a lot like a real life time machine.

The hoaxers forgot about it. They didn't realize you could track activity on it in retrospect.

Looks like the school was closed back in 2007 and used as a staging center for crisis drills until it was decided it was ready for a full dress rehearsal.