Saturday, August 29, 2015

Is GcMAF A Miracle Cure For Everything?

Holistic doctors involved in the project "suiciding" left and right for months. Why?

Because the stuff works, of course. Cancer placebos have been one of the world's largest industries for decades. You're talking big money you're stepping on here.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Extinction Events Always Began In The Ocean First

The Pacific Algal Bloom is not like anything anyone living has ever seen before.

"And the second angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man: and every living soul died in the sea."

Revelation 16:3 KJV 

Aspergers : Left-Handed and Footed

This childlike posture is universal to us and completely unseen in Homo Sapiens

Neanderthals don't sit like robots, they sit like people.

I sit this way because it seems natural. It is so easy to imagine people clustered around a campfire relaxing in these quixotic poses because they are ... dreamy, wry, impractical and unsophisticated in terms of their ability to calculate their body's appearance as a social stratagem. As one person noted, this takes the pressure off the soles of the feet making it a good way to sit despite not being "correct."

It is friendly and so very personable. This posture says I am more concerned with comfort than projecting discipline and regimentation.

I just see melonheads pulling Sapiens out of cloning vats and seating them at benches and all of them side-by-side with that exact same distance between their feet sitting parallel with their shoulders. They are more like automatons than natural, organic creatures. It is the Neanderthal who is warm, uncultured and lacking in a desire to do what most conforms in all things. Why are Neanderthals so slow to mature and always childlike even at 50? Homo Sapiens matures at half the rates of primates and maintains neoteny well into his 20's. The Neanderthals mature at half the rates of the humans for the exact same reason. Coupled with a superior intellect their childlike aspect keeps them much more creative, experimental and good at problem solving long after Homo Sapiens has completely shut down mentally. These qualities are the difference between life and death in an Ice Age in which most of the planet is covered with snow.
"Apparently sitting with your feet like this is really comfortable.  I’ve tried it now, and it made me remember how many comfortable things we give up when we enter the world of adulthood and social referencing.  The ability to be disconnected from social norms can cause problems - we hear lots about that - but it can also preserve behaviors that are timeless in their comfort and charm."
Now for the big finish.

Every single study that has ever been done of workplace productivity has shown that people concerned with privacy, comfort and happy surroundings (the absolute opposite of cubicles, dress codes, authoritarian management and surveillance) are far, far more productive than their contemporaries who don't seem to mind. How productive? Ratios of 25-to-1 and 100-to-1 are common with such people. That's right. Objective metrics (seems certain to miss a lot that might also be pertinent) has revealed such people can do 25 times the amount of work in a day that ordinary people can. A shame the world isn't really like Saps imagines it to be at all. Of course, such people are the first to be terminated/expelled/forced out in political struggles for power every time. The research proves as much every single time they study the phenomenon.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Bug In, Don't Bug Out!

My next home is going to be an urban fortress aboveground with a super deep rock vault beneath it.

Insulated concrete forms solve the problem of high velocity shards flying around in an underground vault as seen in live nuclear tests by encasing the walls with a polyvinyl form. Seriously considering a really large traditional vault for my next place combined with steel drums.

I have been dreaming about this place since I first saw it ... using modern advanced construction methods for the architecture that wasn't available when it was built, like ICFs and twisted pair reinforcement for the walls and ceiling arches. I could have told these guys they were going to have damp problems with this place with a flat slab for the ceiling.

Monday, August 24, 2015


It is literally inviting 100% monitoring around the clock into your home!!

UPDATE : Knew it! My computer has been freezing and seems to be streaming data constantly since my last update from Windows! I knew it, I could tell by the lags in network access all the time! BASTARDS! If I didn't need to support Windows in MingW for the first release of Vault-OS, I swear I would uninstall this spyware and replace it with a Linux flavour! I thought Windows 7 wasn't too shabby before this and was hoping to keep it for a while.

Hackers have already discovered full webcam backdoors, streaming of all audiovisual data to remote servers and full archiving of disk contents to the "cloud" without even requesting your permission or telling you!!!!

I'm getting a prompt in Windows 7 right now trying to strong-arm me into an upgrade. I am worried that Windows Update is going to corrupt my Win 7 installation without telling me anything.

Screw Microsoft, time for the consumers to dump them. If any of these big competitors had half a brain they'd recognize this as a huge opportunity to offer an alternative and steal away most of their customer base.

The Crater Remaining Of The Imaginary Economy

It's going to be okay, we swear it is but just as a precaution STOCK UP ON CANNED GOODS.


Keep thinking positive Kwanstainia ... the way that TEH WINNARZ DO!

World's greatest creditor to world's greatest debtor in fifty years. KEEP WINNING.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Snake Face = Success On Baby Buggery Island

Britards with features like serpents seem to enjoy financial success on the Isle of Infant Cornholio

We don't need David Icke to explain this one. Totally unnecessary.

If you were a member of the Sargon dynasty driven out of ancient Sumeria, you were part of a ruling family that had been selecting mates with snake-like features for thousands of years at a minimum. When you grew up in this social class all the people you knew were the result of millennia of breeding choices based on a cosmetic aesthetic that said features like serpents were beautiful, regal and royal. Along with your melonhead it was the way you stood apart from the peasants, Lulus and manboons who formed your slave labor classes. When you walked down the street, your snake face, big head and height said to those around you ... I am your better. Do not impede me or so much as inconvenience me. I am a child of  the serpent of light and predestined to rule the world.

There was another class of melonheads a little more specialized in their worship of Moloch, the Owl God. A creature that demanded children be sacrified to it by passing them through fire. If they obliged regularly do you think they were using their own children ... or their slaves' children? This cult also chose mates who looked like owls when they went to marry.

To this day, these families breed within their own genetic trees and scarcely ever outside it. For this reason many of them suffer extraordinary defects of development common along those who have sex with their own cousins. They nevertheless avoid all genetic lines not connected to their original stock. This is the reason they are trying to decriminalize in-marriage in case you were wondering with regular propaganda pieces. They were going to do it anyway.

Notice the common denominator is not ethnic or religious or national origin. Far from it, they are quite cosmopolitan in this regard. The common denominator is melon head and serpentine features. When one of them sees it in another they instantly know they are keeping company with fellow travelers, just as when they see the wrong kind of 'Thal (non-mousterian) or Cro-Magnon types they know at once these are lower classes of one strain or another. Of all these lineages the Denisovian/Amud type of 'Thal is the one they despise the most ... because it is the most irreverent in general towards the sort of assumptions they wish to impose on others.

Bolshevism is a Humorless Regime

The people who run it are absurd clowns and so laughter is forbidden. These tender and unique special snowflakes go full apoplexy when somebody suggests they may be less than God's own chosenati envoys on Earth. Everything they do is perfect, everything they say is perfect, everything they think and gesture is all perfect, therefore nothing they do is ever permitted to be amusing.

If these people could institute the guillotine for so much as contradicting them they would have them set up and operating by tomorrow morning.

The Bolshevi are identical to calling your friend driving home from work and warning him a complete madman is speeding the wrong direction down the highway. He yells back at you "One of them?!? You gotta be kidding me! There's hundreds of 'em!"

Keep Pretending The Maunder Minimum Isn't Happening

This is only the beginning. Shortly it will begin to get real cold.

How cold? This cold. DAY AFTER TOMORROW cold.

Trust Doctors

It's not an indictment of one doctor, it is an indictment of the entire profession.

So pretend you're a doctor watching another doctor perform an operation. The other doctor slices a major vein that has nothing to do with this surgery and you see he did it deliberately ... then that doctor leaves it bleeding and sews the body back up. You're watching him do this.

You don't immediately remove that guy from any further contact with patients? You don't raise the alarm and see to it he never steps inside an operating room again until his sanity can be proven? You don't stop him knowing full well he is going to kill somebody, probably the next person he operates on?

It's not about what is wrong with this one lunatic. That's not it. The question is what in the hell is wrong with every other person working in that hospital? It is not a rhetorical question.

You see this too often. People are eyewitnesses to seeing doctors stabbing old people in the hearts with scalpels and cutting off their oxygen and they're saying "This guy may have a problem, let's keep a close eye on him when he does his work in the future." May have a problem? May have?!?

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hillary Coming Unhinged

A fragile mind at the best of times, it is cracking under exposure. The complete mental breakdown that has been coming for fifty years is almost upon us. A couple decades of paint therapy and the woman who would be king will be right as rain.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Vault-OS : Global Control Protocol Over ASN.1

I applied some of what I learned at work today to some source code I had at home and successfully compiled the entire, unique communications and command protocol for VOS from the open source ASN.1 compiler. It is still in flux so chances are stuff will be added to it eventually. Theoretically this binary will support VOIP, streaming video and many other kinds of devices running daemons. The protocol is a very generic digital control and command set that provides a similar functional environment to BACNet. I think station-to-station telephony is an important part of VOS and provision for this capability should be in there. You should be able to instantly mount a headset and talk over VOS to another workstation with a central directory. This is a ways off but the possibility will be there in the messaging protocol.

My time is limited lately, very long commute - but I was able to send and receive messages over web sockets in this format. I think I have the holy grail for supporting different protocols for the daemons from CAN to RS-485 all the way around. I also cracked the functionality barrier to couple to Lua scripts from ASN.1 with JSON syntax. There is a very simple way to control the parallel port under Win NT/2000/XP for a daemon using this method.

I have this crazy idea for daemons to support calls over Websockets to the server as a very easy alternative for extremely small devices. I'm talking thimble sized devices talking over WebSockets to the main server all-in-one. Devices like BASIC Stamps that don't even have room for TCP-IP stacks but can write a small stream of bytes as a protocol over Websockets and parse the response. Where would this come in handy? I am envisioning little systems monitoring keypads at entryways, tiny devices designed to control pumps and water/fuel metrics, maybe a small VT-100 terminal with a limited command set inside a staging area. A lot of these devices could not run BACNet over IP but they could run my little subset which is very generic.

At my current job there is no requirement for a graphical UI for the server monitoring itself on the host machine but this is a great way to supply that feature and keep it totally decoupled from the server itself which can operate even without a display device if desired.

I think running on Windows NT with numerous daemons this server will rarely consume more than 4 megs total RAM and should launch nearly instantly as a service if needed.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Melonhead Malta Hypogeum Is Straight Out of H.P. Lovecraft

African rock art dated at possible age of 24,000 years or earlier shows Melonheads leading/controlling grazing animals and possibly domesticated dogs without harnesses
It is one creepy place.

No torch residues. Could melonheads see in the dark? They had some kind of jack in the back of their skulls where they connected to the mainframe. Enhanced virtual reality simulator? Others have suggested they may have injected drugs directly into their brains.

It is difficult to link to stories about melonhead skulls because the skulls tend to vanish the instant they are brought to the attention of others on the internet. Remember, if you can see a melonhead skull on a Google search, chances are that skull will disappear from the museum where it is kept within 12 months. Draw your own conclusions.

No skulls. Sleep now.
(Neanderthal is the only hominid this doesn't work on, apparently. Easy to see why they wanted to get rid of us)
I find it difficult to read any article about the Temple at Malta that leaves out the pit found with the bones of 38,000+ children (all non-elongated heads) who were sacrificed on the altar there which has a groove clearly designed to channel the blood into a basin where Melonheads no doubt dipped cups.
They lost mass and height from interbreeding, also enabled them to survive purges by passing amongst ordinary people. So obvious they never went anywhere. The "giants who ruled the Earth" never went extinct.
Just what are you trying to imply, Arcane? It sounds as though you might be suggesting ... no, that's ridiculous.

Monday, August 17, 2015

The Embetterment Has Embettered Us All

Low oil prices, cheap plentiful immigrant labor, low interest rates - do you remember that globalist paradise they promised us all? This is it.

None shall survive the embetterment process at the end of which we will all be as embettered as we can get.

Why Is God So Cruel To Japan

Maybe it isn't God's fault.

Can somebody find that safety procedures brochure for Japan concerning nuclear power plant management? I think it was mislaid around 1954. Check back in that stack of manga over by the closet.

As far as I know, running a nuclear power plant is not some kind of a joke. Every time you hear about these accidents you cannot believe the lax behavior that preceded it. I am assuming there is at least some sort of emergency shut-down process we should keep handy on a clipboard or something with a nearby volcano actively spewing lava flows. Otherwise, you know, there could be consequences. I'm no expert but that is my guess.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Kwanstainia : They Shot JFK and Then This Happened

Brief roundup of 1% of the problems.

In the comments section, a respondent pointed out that there is little need to argue over chemtrails when the NSA scandal broke and the U.S. had admitted that the "far out conspiracy theorists" have been right the past thirty years about them tapping 100% of everything 100% of the time. The average sheeple is probably still trying to get his head around the open admission they can turn on webcams any time they want even when it looks like the computer is off. You thought we were crazy for looking for old, obsolete operating systems to run Vault-OS on. You gotta be kidding me.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Dementia Epidemic

I knew about this twenty years ago and it is why I started to take 1000 mg of aspirin a day, every day for the past twenty years. I had read that aspirin dissolves beta-amyloid plaques in the brains of most mammals back in 1992. I even remember when I was reading about this I was sitting in Wendy's Restaurant in Times Square watching my book stand out front.

I told you, people with "Aspergers Syndrome" (Neanderthal gene expression) are wired like Siamese cats. They can sense stuff independently, they don't need to consult a consensus. They can just feel it coming. They know lots of things without anybody having to tell them or teach them about these things. It is as if there is tons and tons of racial memory encoded there when they are born like they come front-loaded with a database before they can even walk. (See previous post below)

My father called it "a compass needle in his head that somehow always points to true north." My father was always the only person who really noticed there was something funny about me and I figure it is because he himself had superb instincts and was a far better observer of subtle things than others. I had the genes that made him like that except greatly amplified in me.

Devolution : Mankind had more complex DNA previously!!

They were bigger, better, stronger, faster, smarter, more virtuous. Then "Lord Enki" made the Lulu.

Homo Sapiens is the midget bonsai of hominids. He's got every good thing stripped away for a bare bones bongo party machine.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Back Off Bro, I'm a Scienmagist

To prove it, look at these fifty year old studies that were never peer reviewed or published for scrutiny until 48 years later which prove almost nothing about anything.

You people's problem is you don't understand the scienmagistical method. Edjamafacate yorseff because edjamafacashun is the key. I hate ignorant people who don't realize the power of scientmajism.

Delirious Dionysian Dens Declaring Doctrines of Devils

Been in a church lately? Madness. What on earth do these people think they are doing?

Most rock concerts are not that loud and frantic.

What is being sold is intoxication and escapism through euphoric emotional excitement. The Romans finally had women run naked through the forests so that the celebrants could capture them and couple. It was big money back then, too.