Thursday, November 20, 2014

Brilliant Essay On The Doomed West

This is worth reading twice.

If you understand this article, you'll also understand why the cobalt-salted worldwide death shroud is the upbeat feelgood hit of the summer rose-colored glasses answer to our dilemma. In this resolution, the West survives in some form.

Also discovered through the article is a link to an excellent explanation of why I instinctively despised the intensely political illuminati mind-hump trash called The Avengers. The movie was about serving SHIELD and its unelected shadow rulers.

(Link courtesy of Vault-Co reader)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Homo Sapiens Didn't Pass Through An Ice Age

No way.

They'd be better at nuance and reasoning correctly in such a way as to produce consistent outcomes for personal and group survival.

Warm weather critters are consummate entertainers. They'd be all about performance art, theatrical posing, the semblance of some virtues, braggadocio and superficial posturing.

The same qualities that would serve you well in warm weather in tribes of thousands of people would be a death sentence in cold weather in small tribes of less than 60 people. There's no fooling or posturing at 300 degrees below zero. For example, you'd have to be a good firestarter at that temperature. Seeming to be a good firestarter or mixing firestarting with a lot of dance, singing and ritual theatrics would get you killed very quickly. The goal is to start a fire. As quickly as possible with as little wasted energy as possible. Failure to start the fire in under 5 minutes means you will freeze to death. There's no way to trick somebody else into starting your fire for you with a muscular pose, a steely gaze and a lot of chatter about how you have more important things to do. You'll freeze to death. Start the fire, period. No Sapiens theatrics needed. Just brains, hand-eye coordination, hyperfocus and highly conservative motion.

In cold weather temperatures you'd take advice from people with real leadership qualities. Not confidence. The brightest people with the best snap reactions would be your elders, long proven to be good at surviving in many conditions. Chances are your elders would be quite modest and a little self-deprecating. People would consult with them because of their humble air, not in spite of it. You'd know that here was substance and wisdom, proven by experience. I am sure a Neanderthal elder would speak of himself as not much more informed than anyone else in the tribe. Of course, ridiculous. He would be consulted with wherever there was sound judgement needed on any subject. In Sapiens societies, elders get beaten up and cannibalised the instant it looks like they are losing their vicious edge, just like in wolf packs. There is no secure retirement for older people in Sapiens societies. Nobody thinks much of their wisdom because they have none themselves to reflect upon.

In Africa, you'll see a guy striding about with a top hat on and suspenders he has found in the garbage somewhere quickly rising to the senior position in a tribe. Look at that top hat. Look at those suspenders. That patrician air. What have you and what not. Everybody, let's follow that guy. That explains history.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Kwanstainia : Land of Edjamafacashun

Bipedal biomass challenged to locate itself in time and space, fails Turing test miserably.

This is the educational debt they will be paying off well into their old age. This.

The problem with the future is … who are you going to get to staff it?

It is like a Zen Koan … if Amerikwa becomes a third world country and there is nobody left there smart enough to know the difference, does it matter?

I enrolled in Texas Tech but never showed up in the fall. I can see I didn't miss anything from watching this. Hey college, I want five years of wasted life back.

At night I would sit alone in the dormitories working on my computer. These types you see above spent the evenings out getting drunk, driving recklessly and coming in late screeching and banging on the walls. Sometimes my address changed and I was doing all of this somewhere else. The Sapiens did not change. All a bunch of actors play-acting at life. It is like an animal trying to simulate a human, unsuccessfully for the most part. If they outnumber you, remember they are the normal ones and you are some sort of defective. Oh, I almost forgotthey always outnumber you.

The kids grow up to be these adults. Then they vote. Guess what sort of people they vote for.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Vault-Co Was Right In 1997

Nuclear War Was Inevitable Back In 1997 With A Simple Review of Geopolitical Realities

Back when this site was called TEXAS ARCANE's SURVIVAL REPORT and we sold gas masks, NBC equipment and survival gear inside of Australia.

Inevitable. Anybody who could listen and evaluate an argument would've known this was coming.

Not just any nuclear war, however.

All-out apocalyptic winner-takes-all cobalt-salted ultimate death cage match nuclear war. Robot stealth bomber fleets, atomic cluster bombs, orbital arrays of plutonium spraying cruise missiles and rods from god platforms. That's just for the limited nuclear exchange. After that, they break out the big stuff.

We also predicted (laughable at the time) that Russia would innovate and upgrade their military before Kwanstainia would. Even back in 1997 you could see the American focus remained on developing a military that could fight and win World War II against Germany and Japan. Otherwise their command structure was completely out of touch with the technology that was emerging then.

Dempsey The Dumpster Peeker Coot Is At It Again

He wants 80,000 troops on the ground in Iraq to command as he sees fit.

Encouraging the Obamination to ignore the Constitution and do it with an "executive order." (Whatever the hell those things are supposed to be, anyway.) Somebody needs to call the MPs on the phone and get over here in their jeep before this guy signs off duty. He's in our ranks trying to subvert the Constitution, a clear violation of his oath when he enlisted. A couple years in Leavenworth should straighten him out.

Still waiting to hear what war you won all that fruit salad on your uniform, soldier. It doesn't appear to be on your resume. You know it is a very serious offence to wear insignia or medals you are not entitled to.

I know I made this joke before, but just imagine you are brushing your teeth at 9:30 pm at night and you glance out the window and this old coot is standing on a dumpster right outside your window peeking in and masturbating. You know you would have to throw your underwear away. He's creepy as hell.

When sociopaths are on top, they pretend to be people of courage. When they are on the bottom they cringe like dogs and pretend to be the victims. They are honorless wretched opportunists who will never understand real patriotism, love for your nation, selflessness and loyalty to your own people. They are semi-mammals without mammalian feelings. As one Vault-Co reader pointed out, less brain could never be better than more brain. Sociopaths and psychopaths have big shadows in CT scans of their brains in various places that indicate they have voids there. I always find it hilarious when these melonheads blame "depression" for their evil deeds. Knucklehead, I'm a Neanderthal. I was practically born riding the black dog and it never made me any less of a man when the chips were down. We Neanderthals live with sadness the rest of you cannot even comprehend. These Melonheads think if they experience one setback they are entitled to embark on a serial killing spree as mood therapy. It is about what is inside you and depression invariably reveals it. If you are a bad man, you want to blame your monstrous deeds on the fact you were feeling a little down. You make me sick, chrome domes. A pity you were not born a proper person like a Neanderthal.

Insane Unannounced "Active Shooter Drills"

Here is an example of this terminal madness of the end-times lunacy.

Some people believe this may be exactly what happened at Sandy Hook.

The government held a drill in a closed-down school and the people around it called the cops. They showed up because they were not informed that this drill was taking place. They shot Adam Lanza without knowing he was a simpleton drafted to play the role of a shooter.

Everything after that was damage control. The government desperately struggled to turn it into another "school shooting" massacre they could use to promote gun control. The reason the actors involved appeared to be so haphazard is that they were called from existing crisis actor lists, briefed quickly and shoved in front of cameras. This explains why so many of them were grinning inappropriately before the feeds began. If they'd had more time to prepare they would not have done such lousy jobs.

The U.S. Government In The Post-American World

… is nothing but a tool that belongs to the highest bidder.

All those evil conspiracy nuts throughout human history insisting that wars are started for money and poor people fight them.

Most of the wars of the previous century were fought by lower class white Christians who lacked the capacity to buy deferrals or weasel their way out of the draft. Those same people you hear blamed for the ills of the world are in fact its chief victims, sacrifices and cannon fodder. They are treated as disposable refuse in a game that is never won in order to make the wealthy even wealthier.

Increasingly, wars are fought over strategic needs that have nothing to do with the security of the United States or its territory. This is why Kwanstainia should be properly regarded as a colony, not a nation-state anymore. The real masters of its military forces openly gloat that we are past the era when voting could do much good against them or their agendas.

Neocons, neocons, neocons - the best pretend conservatives that money can buy.

Soon their puppet military won't even have any force behind it - since their enemies are now producing and selling them their weapons infrastructure. When the time comes, they will simply shut the nation down and burn it, the way they do failing businesses with "arson lightning" to get rid of the evidence.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Russia Will Win. Everytime. Best 3 out of 5.

Kwanstainia's much touted Aegis system is just another part of the instant coral reef in World War III.

The Navy is good for troop transport but not much else. The idea of the naval vessel as a floating fortress is obsolete. These ships were the wrong idea since the 70's.

The thing now is nuclear cruise missiles, submarines, very high velocity long range bombers like the stealth except as a drone fleet and robots to do most of the fighting. Anybody going into WW3 with any other strategy will be like those Italians charging on horseback with feathered hats into machine gun nests in World War One. They are going to learn fast that this was a great tactic in the last war before it. Completely ridiculous in the next.

Kwanstainian Edjamafacashun : The Government's "Special Privileges"

This is what happens when the Constitution becomes a "living document."

Obviously, with any kind of accountability, the "educators" who created this curriculum would be fired for simple incompetency.

Kontrol For Kwanstainia

A network of informants numbers in the hundreds of thousands.

Be careful not to talk in your sleep and malign the government, lest someone hear it and report you.

Jimmy Savile Is The Tip of the Iceberg

The rest of it is below the waterline where the media is permitted to look.

Nobody will cheer louder than I will when Russia and China do a coordinated series of airbursts over Britain. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Britain has lost its right to exist as a nation. British soil needs to be cleansed, scraped down to bedrock and reseeded so a better race of men can start all over again there. These things invalidate all of British history and tradition, they make a mockery of all governments going back a century at the least.

Told you, socialism is spiritual poison. It feeds the monsters and reduces nations to mouldy sewage.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Russia and China : Building Their Tower of Victory On Top of the Radioactive Ashes of the West

Win, win and win again. It helps when your leaders have IQs higher than room temperature.

They should be selling the U.S. shovels to help them dig their own graves.

Australia won't need one if they anger Vlad further.

Here's a safety tip. If you belong to a non-nuclear non-ICBM fleet nation that has disarmed its own citizens, it is probably a bad idea to irritate a country that could reduce you to dust in 30 minutes. Australia is in great shape to fight World War Two. Unfortunately this is World War Three coming up.

A Harvard Diploma Isn't Worth A Fistful of Used Toilet Paper

Harvard Graduates Can't Pass 5th Grade Literacy Test From 1964

I took that test and got every single question right.

One of the big reasons I dropped out of college is too much exposure to people who had graduated. I didn't want to end up like that.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

"It's Fake" Says 9-11 Sandy Hook Dispatcher

A very badly plotted and disjointed exchange is completely ruined by an uninformed employee blurting out the truth.

If the Republicans don't start an investigation of the Sandy Hook hoax, they will be demonstrating their uselessness and the failure of the two-party system.

Huge funding for Soviet-style psychiatry program has ridden in on the back of the Sandy Hook Hoax

The Real Martin Luther King

Was nothing like the person you have been taught to believe.

Nothing at all.

If you want to know how bad we are talking about, understand that the FBI thought they had a good chance of blackmailing him into suicide by simply revealing the truth about him. The truth is so bad it has been made into a national security secret which ordinary people are not permitted to see or hear for the next 50 years.

Just another monster posing as a saint. Meanwhile life rolls on and good men with no biographers live and die without you ever hearing a word about them. Do you think in 20 years, we will have a national holiday dedicated to Alan Keyes and his speeches will become part of our historical record? Of course not. Keyes makes sense. Under Bolshevist government, all good men and their words are consigned to oblivion.

The FBI sent photos, tape recordings, hand written letters, receipts and confessions by King taped over his phone lines to every newspaper in the United States and not a single one of them published the story. Was it the FBI that failed to warn people about this monster?

In every single place he marched, King preferred underage girls and boys in his hotel room. He beat some of them so badly they were disfigured for life. He beat many of them, raped them, then beat them some more before his staff took them to the emergency room. All of these incidents were caught on tape by the FBI and the satanic obscenities that King screamed while doing these things were so shocking they could only have come from the mouth of a psychotic.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What Historians Will Write About The Years Prior To The Third World War

They will write about this ... and many other things.

These things form a picture. It's a picture of the future and and if you look you can see it coming. Some people will claim hindsight on that day but here on Vault-Co we provide the foresight.

Because Nothing Is Funnier Than Demons And Suicide

I blame the parents for not peeling off the metal foil to discover the hidden subliminal picture of the devil girl slitting her wrists that lights up in the dark.

The special happy joy stick for wonderful music, fairies, magic and arterial blood loss as a ritual sacrifice for Satan.

The burden remains on consumers to avoid the worldwide domination of the forces of darkness and the kingdom of Lucifer. It is all about choices. I choose to weld the hatch shut from the inside and wait for reinforcements.

Kwanstainia Is Finished

Forbes says out loud what people like me knew 20 years ago.

The Kwa got improvamented.

50% of the children in the United States are not natives and can neither read, write or speak well enough to get middle class jobs even if they had any left. Time to get back to reality. Think exit strategy.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Rumsfeld & Monsanto

The additive that has all the taste with zero calories, cooked up in the fires of hell.

Because everybody loves Monsanto. 

Dec. 24th Worldwide Prohibition on Firearms?

It's funny because I remember Bill Cooper said this is the exact date they would introduce it, before he was gunned down in his own driveway.

William Cooper said it would be introduced as a surprise on the day before Christmas when people would be home with their families for the holidays and it would not register on them until well into the New Year.

Cooper said at first the law would be passed as an international treaty without enforcement and after that each measure of the bill would be gradually enforced, starting with the ban on ammunition.

It looks like once again, William Cooper was spot on.

Bill Cooper said propaganda about UFOs, reptilians and other dimensions was ridiculous crap that was itself funded by the elites because they believed it helped to induce apathy, depression and surrender. Bill Cooper suggested that David Icke had been recruited to spread this claptrap as part of the general psy-ops program run on the peasants to make them think all resistance was futile. After all, who can fight with 9 foot tall shapeshifting reptilians from another dimension? If you knew your enemy was really just fat bloated rich people with big heads who enjoyed pedophilia, they would hardly be very awe inspiring and resistance begins to seem like something that could be successful. Bill believed that the elites came from a long line of ruling classes who were innate experts at illusion, misdirection and deception. I bet if Bill was still alive he'd regard my story of the origins of the melonheads to be very plausible.

Just in poor countries? Or in every country?

Bill Cooper refuted every single word he'd ever said about UFOs in the early 1990's, convinced he had been pranked by the Air Force for the express purpose of getting him to write about documents they had "accidentally" let fall on Cooper's desk shortly before he was discharged. That's not the first time that has happened. One classic psy-ops ploy is to release your sensitive information early on, then totally discredit the guy who releases it as a a madman or lunatic so nobody pays attention. Another is to pretend you have accidentally released super secret information which in fact is so absurd that anyone who reads it will discredit whoever referred them to it.

Bill was killed sitting in his driveway shot from behind in the head, simply preparing to start his car. A disabled and handicapped man who could only walk with difficulty, he was hardly in any shape for the wildly varying stories given to the press about his assassination one month after 9-11. There was no investigation despite neighbors describing it as an ambush that Bill never got the chance to even surrender to.

Look, here's another point at which apparently that "nut" William Cooper turned out to be right about. Just like Bill said, the "good cop" of global governance will ride to our rescue to protect us from the "bad cop" of local governments - all we have to do is accept their new world currency.