Friday, January 23, 2015

$1 Hard Display Option With Arduino

Some very clever guys have figured out to make the Arduino output to analog television with very little work. Impressive stuff. Source code here.

Add a cheap shifter and you could output simple terminal graphics to a display over a serial port that would last a long time and be replaced easily over many years.

Whenever I think of buying tons of mini VGA displays as backup parts you have to consider the expense. I already have at least 4 B&W portable televisions and a green mono 12 volt display. They are much cheaper, sometimes free. Unfortunately it takes a $40 dollar bridge unit to go from the VGA to television. I was hoping for a better way.

This is actually so cool it warrants a unique VOS demon written explicitly for it to drive a display monitor. Trying now whenever time permits to consolidate a display language as a simple set of text instructions. It is hard to improve on GTK syntax for driving a display from anything.

I don't know if you are interested in this direction but I have often dreamed of some simple output format for something roughly approximating ATARI 2600 level resolution for Vault-OS that would last for years and years. This solution seems to be it.

One thing taking shape in my mind is as soon as Vault-OS is up in open source, there needs to be a port of the ANSI C source to Arduino. It is the number one target outside of X86 architectures. I was hoping somebody else could do it who knows more about the Arduino once I release the source.

What about an Arduino box glued to the back of one of these televisions as a standalone VOS server with an ethernet jack for connecting it to any number of remote terminals? That would be pretty cool. It would be pretty cheap, too, even compared to boards like the Raspberry PI.

What Happened To Patrick?

I will tell you the truth.

The Patrick Kinney I was friends with growing up was scored at 156 Stanford-Binet. At this time I had only scored 148 at the age of 9. It was only later in the military that was revised to 183. Both Patrick and I just naturally understood he was the brighter of the two of us. That didn't stop the two of us from having tons and tons of fun, building blinding arrays of flashbulbs to detonate at night to try to mimic the glare of an atomic blast. We built guns that fired foam and superglue we thought we could use to stick people to walls. We kept modifying our short-wave radios to receive bands that civilians didn't even know existed. Patrick and I both went on the bus into Lincoln, Nebraska to attend the civil defence classes after school and the two of surpassed every adult in there in about one week. Kinney and I together were exactly like two evil super villains who had discovered their soul mate in the other. We drew up vast plans to conquer the planet using white noise, secret microwave dishes to fry attacking armies, even at one point discussing using the moon as a slingshot to accelerate asteroids at targets on Earth that opposed our benevolent regime. He and I had a bunch of notes and graph paper in a folder on the ATOMIC CANNONEER 2000, a gun bristling with every imaginable weapon you could imagine plus it dispensed gum. This folder of notes would travel for a while with me while I added to it and then Patrick would continue the design engineering on his end of the weapon our loyal cadre of bodyguards would wield. It fired a tactical nuke salted with cobalt for tougher challenges.

See what I mean about my early experience? Here is a Neanderthal easily drafted into a power scheme by a melonhead. The two of them become good friends and before you know it the Neanderthal is helping with all of these things. It often is a natural meeting of minds. The Neanderthal is enchanted because here is an intellectual peer. Someone to talk to about something, anything. As opposed to the manboons. The "logistics and support" role passed naturally to me. I would be the Captain of the Guard in our coming new order. Patrick would describe the outlines of his long range vision and I would be in turn the one who delegated the necessary tasks to bring it to fruition.

The Patrick I knew could literally think circles around this guy above. I mean, scream around his head like the Roadrunner. When Patrick and I really got going, teachers complained the two of us talked so rapidly it was impossible to comprehend our conversation. Several teachers believed the two of us had intellectual disabilities. This was at a time when I had just won the school spelling bee and Patrick was doing calculus as a 12 year old. Everybody - I mean, everybody - teachers first and foremost - hated our guts except for a very small fraternity of casual friends who orbited around us. We were never disciplinary problems at school of any kind. We were simply different from the other kids for the most part and this earned us their hatred on all sides.

The guy above looks like a typical academic hovering around 120, just enough brains to prevent him from ever realising he is a moron. His ambiguous, weak arguments drifting from one hilarious bit of pseudo-science to another misconception most laymen have debunked are simply unrepresentative of the person I knew in any way, shape or form.

I literally do not recognise him in the soul. The body type, face and eyes match but it doesn't sound like it could possibly be him. He was so much smarter than this gibberish I cannot tell you.

IQ loss and gain are documented throughout human life. I feel something must have happened to Patrick. I don't know what it is. The kid I was friends with in school passed more brain cells in any given bowel movement than the academic above has in his entire head.

There is one other possibility. It is possible that 40 years later, I realize that I used to believe this guy was brighter than I was. I may have grown astronomically since then and it is my perception and memory that are fooling me. I used to look up to Patrick and this guy, I just see as so far beneath me as to be of almost no consequence. He just can't think very well and it shows in the video.

I guess if you really wanted to be brutal, you could conclude that a kid like Patrick who goes into the university system looks like this when he comes out. Literally ground into dust. That is the most agonisingly disturbing possibility of them all.

P.S. There's always the part about no more meat for peasants. Only the ruling classes ate grass-fed beef in Egypt and Sumeria and probably every empire going back for a 100,000 years. The melonheads are always irked at the rabble eating meat and want to switch them back to early death sentences on grains and carbs. So they manage to sneak this into every discussion of climate. Because farting cows. Show me the chemical equation that demonstrates methane making the water vapour mantle a better heater insulator as it increases. Not that cows produce any significant amounts, anyhow. The average volcano belches out more in ten seconds than all the cattle on earth ever have in centuries. I have actually heard that methane is used in refrigeration because it conducts heat out, not traps it in. You can chill just about anything with methane.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Last Days Of The West

Stephen Fry Shows Off His New "Fiance"

I read this really good fictional book when I was younger, I can't remember the name of it.

It is about the son of a former Roman General who has been raised outside of the capitol who is called by special envoy to Rome after his father dies. He has grown up in isolation on a farm and his father has told him of the great majesty of Rome and how important it is to be loyal and patriotic to your country.

Before he begins his trip he is approached by a band of mercenaries who want to use his name to help them recruit from the Visigoths to form a war party to sack Rome to get back the wages they are owed from campaigns they fought in and were not paid because the treasury had gone bankrupt.

The book is about how as he gets closer and closer to Rome he realises just how degenerate and decadent it has become. The city is a terrible squalor of orgies and feasts when he arrives, people sleep in the streets like pigs and rise to go to the coliseum to eat and watch Christians thrown to the lions. The infrastructure is falling apart, clean drinking water can only be had from rainfalls and the sewage system has been hopelessly clogged for years.

There is this chapter where he reads about how all the ageing Senators parade off the boys they have purchased this year from the slave blocks and make them march around naked all the time in their homes. The protagonist meets one of them after he had gotten too old and is told how the Senator threw him out after he began to mature. This kid tells him how the real slave trade is in pederasty and every time the Romans conquer a province they ship half the children back to Rome to please the perverts there. He explains when the supply of fresh children runs short, powerful people pay some agents to stage a false flag to create a provocation so the Senators have an excuse to declare war on it and then steal the children from it. He claims this was the real reason they destroyed Carthage.

I don't know how much of this was true, as I said it was a fictional story. It sounded like the author knew what he was talking about.

This book reminded me strongly of Fellini's Satyricon.

At the end of it, the hero has grown so disgusted he leaves the city and heads north to find the mercenaries, intending to lead the sacking and pillaging of Rome when they come back with the barbarians from up north.

I had this book for years and finally sold it or gave it away and I can't remember the title of it. Bad or good, true or false, it affected me greatly before I knew more hard history about Rome but it always sounded like it had the ring of truth to me.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How Do Melons Stay Melony?

They breed exclusively with their own kind for thousands upon thousands of years.

These "military men" are people who will send generation after generation of poor people's sons to their deaths in meaningless wars stretching back into antiquity. They use the word "noble" at least twenty times in this article - I've known many of these people up close and personal and if there is one word I would not use to describe their character, it is "noble." "Criminal psychopaths" is clinically accurate.

I guarantee you, almost all the people you see in these photos and their families have genes that can be traced back to the Vatican, the fallen tyrants of Sumeria and Akkadia, the ancient rulers of India when the events described in the Mahabharata (atomic war) took place and revolting, wicked schemers in the House of Borgia, the Franks, the evil reigns of Egyptian pharoahs and the people who dominated the drugs and slave trade going back untold millennia as they do to this day.

Why do they feel an innate right to rule? Well, they always have. The Lulus have always followed and seemed glad to do so.

What can a Neanderthal do when the Saps beast loves his captivity and puts his own bonds back on after some brave, courageous Neanderthals have broken them off and revolutionised the entire planet like in America? Such things only last a little while and then the melonheads move back in and take what is theirs - the natural law of the tyrants and all the mad killers and brutes throughout time … which is might makes right and I am right since I have the might.

They are so vain they required the author of this article to use the word "noble" in referring to them. They are the exact opposite in every way of the noble.

I have a whole life I could tell you about before I came to Australia. I was never anybody important or noteworthy or special or distinguished or even memorable … but I have waited hand and foot on so many of these people, fetched them coffee, made their appointments, listened to their insults and tolerated their wild rampages for which they paid me peanuts, slave wages. None of these people could even remember my name today, I would guarantee it. They didn't really see me. A Neanderthal is always a servant who stands to one side and people don't look at him. I was always watching them, every second, every waking instant. I was memorising everything they said and looking deep into their character at unguarded moments. I know so much about their kind but none of them ever really registered me. Just like the curse of Humbaba on Enkidu promised, to see the world through a veil but be unseen by anyone else. What none of those people knew about Neanderthals is that invisibility may be a curse but it is also considered a superpower in some quarters. I have observed so much in my life and people did not so much as glance at me since they figured I was some kind of idiot. They say many, many revealing things around such people because they think themselves alone.

If I told you all of this you would understand why I hate the melonhead. The majority of them simply have no virtues. Even their cunning is much overrated. They rule because they believe they deserve to and they let no laws, empathy or moral codes stand in their way. Many of them are extraordinarily decadent and degenerate people, largely because of this endless interbreeding. They have less good in them than any average person you might meet on the street who does not even suspect their existence somewhere high over his head in realpolitik. Their sole advantage lies in the fact that others see them but do not see them clearly for what they really are.

I'm sure you think I am exaggerating but I bet if I told you the places I have mopped floors in and carried tea trays you would think, Wow, Tex really did have a whole lifespan before he came to Australia. Just imagine Forrest Gump's unknown twin, Texas Gump, bouncing around in life like a ping pong ball off various celebrities in the most bizarre and unexpected situations.

You see all those West Point guys in the photos? Do you want to know the real reason I think they suddenly decided I was somebody and tried so hard to recruit me into the officer corp when I was in my last year of the military? I think some of the upper crust finally noticed me and they thought Holy Cow, I just realised that retard may be really, really bright. That guy has somehow been flying under the radar for most of his life. We may want to pull that guy into our fold if for no other reason than to keep an eye on him. A guy that bright might actually be able to upset our applecart someday. Let's get him a make-work job and tie up the rest of his life so we know where he is  and what he is doing. You can laugh if you want but I think that is exactly what was going through the heads of some of them. They were thinking, let's make sure that guy is working counterintelligence for our side and not somebody else's someday.

Here I am with my little blog. Probably 2 million hits just on the old site before I switched to this one.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Worse Than Nuclear Winter

The sky blacked out for ten years or more, no Sun and no moon for a decade.

Article neglects to mention a single super volcano could achieve this and has before many, many times in the past. Yellowstone has wrapped the planet in a black death shroud at least a half-dozen times.

The cold alone would be like the inside of a freezer for many years. Heat would have to come from simple sources like burning wood, coal and wastepaper.

I am really focused on this steam generation of electric power for this reason. It's the ultimate failsafe against everything. You burn something and you get light, power and warmth plus cogeneration of hot water for cooking and washing. Solar and wind are good backups but nothing beats a fire. There is nearly always something to burn lying around. You could probably survive 100 years burning old newspapers if you had to.

Connecticut officials at a loss to explain what is happening, tell residents to prepare for possible unprecedented earthquake

Earthquakes. In Connecticut.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Bill Gates Supports Eugenics, Depopulation & Death Panels

It is like a crappy science fiction movie.

You can see the lifelong influence on the average nerd of all the accepted memes from heavily politicised science fiction both in print and in television. It predisposes them to a number of predispositions and attitudes about things that if examined more closely would reveal themselves as puerile and driven by a juvenile understanding of the real world.

When you've heard guys in their pajamas on Star Trek talking about the world in such-and-such a way, it appeals to you when you are older if you have mindlessly integrated this propaganda. For example, the assumption a world state in Star Trek manages the whole planet "scientifically" for the benefit of all.

I assure you, the usual psychopaths and sociopaths will employ those "scientists" to reach conclusions that they have already decided on for deep and completely irrational unconscious emotional reasons. Whatever their thin rationalisations "based on" whatever voodoo they feel best works to support them at that moment in history. Used to be religion, then the new religion of science appeared and since everybody thinks they understand scienmajistics it is easy to leverage this into a discussion so you are mistaken for somebody smart. Since so many people conceal their misanthropy instead of wearing it on their sleeve like I do, every single excuse that comes along to kill lots of people and they jump on it with both feet. For scientific reasons, you understand. Assholes like these are one of the reasons I am a misanthrope. I know for a fact that if I think humans are a pretty bad lot generally that if I then use that as a justification for killing them (or using the State as my proxy to do it) then I would be just as bad as any of them - actually, worse.

Bill should've examined his own assumptions in architecting Windows at the outset and today we'd have a decent operating system. I think like so many other people, he is startlingly innovative and analytical on a lot of subjects and just as blind and mindless as the rest of mankind on the majority of everything else.

This creepy dysgenic superstate plus superscience deciding who will live and who will die was a favourite of psychotics for thousands of years, long before science ascended to the throne of the official state religion of leftists. Most of it is about as scientific as Scientology.

North America Shaking All Over

A huge flurry of major quakes all over Texas and Oklahoma following a very large solar storm.

I have a feeling this is all the "new normal" that is coming. Exiting the Holocene and entering a Grand Minimum is a time of great upheaval. Quakes that would formerly be considered apocalyptic will become rather routine for a long time in many places. This is part of the transition that takes place in the planet's magnetic heliosphere as it changes relationship with the Sun.

If it is any comfort, keep in mind the evidence says this has all happened before many, many times. It is part of living on the Earth. It doesn't matter what the expectations of the people are who live in mini-malls and food courts based on their negligible experience. Sometimes the planet just gets rougher to live on. It is a good thing for many reasons, assuming you survive it.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Welcome to Reality

Mainstream science is now caught up to Vault-Co posts from 2002

That's the power of edjamafacashun.

Actually they are still way behind. That globowarmthinkery is a cargo cult for white guys and just as unintentionally humiliating. Cringeworthy. Poor ridiculous white boys think the planet is in danger from them.

Disconnecting The Display From The Hardware

Busy right now, want to post a lot of stuff but have too much going on. I'm supposed to be in bed now.

Playing with the HP-UX operating system on my 9000 Superdome and seeing that the primary display is totally unhooked (X-Windows, connected over ethernet!) got my mind spinning about my basic architecture for VOS. Whoever thought of the X-Windows systems was brilliant. It was light years beyond Micro$oft Windows three decades ago.

If I ever get this new version with PHP compiled in (PH7 library) I was contemplating running a PHP daemon that drove the UI which would be a .DLL or external module (I know how to compile .DLLs cross-platform even under DOS-16 bit) and offering the monitor as a configuration option - click here to see the text windowing UI pop up for Vault-OS or here to see a graphic UI. Or neither on memory limited machines that only need some kind of console output (could be to serial display.)

I have already figured out how to make the protocols a plug-n-play option from the menu but if the UI was disconnected as well you could have the capacity to write your own display drivers of sorts, even if you were running the code on Arduino or an ARM-7 mini board.

I've learned a lot since 15 years ago when I wrote the first version of Vault-OS in Visual Basic for DOS. An awful lot. I think I know how to do it right on the next iteration.

Friday, January 9, 2015


Top theoretical limit with parallel processing per task may clear 1792 GFlops with my cluster configuration. Ran some benchmarks with Tower of Hanoi that were reporting 796 Gflops per second on single processes.

I honestly barely know enough about supercomputing to know where that falls. I think it is pretty good for 2015.

I hacked into my own Unix my first night. Initially the root user password was set to something I wasn't told but I used an ancient trick to boot into ISL prompt and reset all my passwords.

I'm just discovering what is on there through investigation. It is a fully loaded piece of hardware.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Big News On The Weekend About Vault-OS

Do you know the sorts of dreams that nerds like myself have in their innermost secret fantasies?

Well, that dream is about to come true. I did not pray to God for it because I thought with all the people suffering in the world the last thing I should be doing is asking God for anything but health, strength and good fortune. Nevertheless, it would appear somebody somewhere was determined to see my utmost fantasy come true.

In addition to the research and development lab I am setting up in the shed out back this year for Vault-OS, it looks like I got the one thing I believed would never come my way.

I am getting an honest-to-goodness bonafide supercomputer tomorrow, God willing. Nope ... you're thinking I'm talking about a nice gaming machine or maybe a good specs consumer device.

Nope. To continue my research on Vault-OS, a secret benefactor has seen to it I will be able to work on a real live supercomputer. I will reveal all on the weekend. It is the most incredible thing you have ever seen.

I have always dreamed of having a supercomputer in the batcave to rival that of the caped crusader's and it looks like it is going to happen. Nobody is more shocked than I am. There are an awful lot of interesting things you can do in computing research if you have a supercomputer at your disposal. An awful lot of interesting things. For example, just to intrigue you. I may actually be mounting a virtual environment for every single target machine of Vault-OS on every device out there and compiling and running unit tests for all of them at the same time. I will still have about 99.99999994% capacity left in both ram, storage and speed after I do that. It is computer power to waste.

Where on earth did that small timer wannabe get a computer system like that?? I don't even have anything in the batcave that runs at terahertz! That Neanderthal drives me up the wall! He's so smug!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Vault-Co Was Right. Everybody Else You Know Was Lying.

This story has got it all. Blackmail of world leaders, sex slaves and orgies offshore.

You can't tell me that Prince Andrew wasn't doing favors for Epstein, especially foreign policy. 

This is how they do it. It isn't hard. These are weak men posing as leadership and they are easily entrapped. They are fickle, foolish and simpleminded.

If you think this story is just about Epstein and his pervert friends, you are missing the point. It is a much bigger story than that.

Remember, this is the minimum they could afford to print in the papers. Everybody around Epstein knows what he has been doing for many years. This puff piece is just to throw the dogs off the scent.

With a real free press, this story would lead straight to Buckingham Palace. That will never happen. I suspect there were a lot younger victims than this girl involved here. Much younger.

The reason the British establishment pressed so hard for the Iraq war had nothing to do with WMD. It had to do with the fact that it is likely several different governments hold a mile high file of intelligence on the British Royalty and pedophilia. They probably told them that either the British peasants go to fight in Iraq or we will let them fight in the streets of Britain with pitchforks and molotov cocktails.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

What My Pilot Light Looks Like Before It Goes Out

It looks like this.

Coronal holes are parts of the sun being ejected before they burn, a clear sign of a weakening magnetic heliosphere like that associated with a new Ice Age.

Vault-Co has been writing for years about the "shotgun" where the biggest ejectas of magnetic energy occur lining up with the Earth in such a way that the largest releases of electromagnetic pulse will be fired right down the barrel. Guess what is at the end of that barrel.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Lulu, A Worker Shall Be Created

A creature will be formed who will be an instrument of our will.

It will not stand against us being incomplete on its own.

It will have capacity for craft in its hands but will not know its left from its right.

We shall speak and say "do thus" and it will be done. It will lack a soul that it should pine for freedom.

Seeming in all ways to be adequate it will be nonetheless inadequate to stand against us.

The raw form we need is already here. In its present form it is too strong, too cunning and too full of life to serve us. We will weaken it, take away what is not in our interests and mold it into our perfect servant.

Do this, Lord Enki, let it be done. We command that a Lulu, a perfect servant, shall be made!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Annual One-In-One-Thousand Years Winter Storm in Britain

They're getting them every year now! What are the odds?

Al Gore warns this temporary lull may last a couple centuries, then it is right back to global warming. Please make that check out for cash and endorse it on the back. Al knows a liquor store across the street that will cash it for him. He needs it to buy a gun for protection against Man-Bear-Pig.

China Bets The Ruble Against The Dollar

America set out to crush Russia but it looks like Russia is going to be doing the crushing.

It would help if Obama could think more than fifteen minutes into the future beyond his next crack hit but that is not going to happen any time soon. That means Systema Champ #1 is going to win.

America's "Colleges" Are A Certifying Body For Illiterate Morons

A quarter of a million dollar loan to graduate with an education that couldn't get you past the first grade way back in 1965.

It was never reality. Ever. The myth of universal education was always a fantasy.

People who fight over greeter's jobs at Walmart will never pay those loans back. They can't because their degree is not worth the paper it is printed on.

U.S. Capacity To Fight The Next War Is Nonexistent

The country's tech looks like a ring toss run by an orang-utan.

Hasn't been a good engineer born in America for a couple of generations. The last of the good ones are mostly retired. Metrosexual hipsters are good at hacky-sack but military armament design, not so much.

"Wartime" Police Departments Ready For Action

Wait, I think there may be a misunderstanding of what the role of the policeman in a democratic Republic is as defined by law in the United States. This ain't it.

A standing army is expressly forbid by the law. It is illegal to garrison a standing army against the civilian population of the United States.

A standing army weakens men and is intended to subdue them to the will of tyrants. It has no other reason for existing.

I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.

- Thomas Jefferson, Letter to the Treasurer in 1802

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Fanfic Banned In Egypt

The Egyptians regard it as historical fantasy that is claiming credit for things they never did.

There are records of jewish people working as slave dealers and foremen on Egyptian construction projects. There is no record, anywhere, of any jewish slave ever working on any pyramid in Egypt. The records point to a different story, one in which jewish people were foremen and bosses of the trade unions which worked for the pharaohs in exchange for salary and benefits just like any work site in New York city today. There is no evidence after 3000 B.C. of the forced labor system in Egypt and what evidence there is before it is mostly part of mythical writings. The trade in slaves was mostly Nubians and they were mostly sold by other Nubians.

The story of the exodus has no records anywhere to support any pharaoh having a large slave population of jews at any time nor is the story of their bondage recorded anywhere else. Certainly such an event would have been recorded by somebody in the Pharaonic empire at some point since they recorded every single bushel of wheat they harvested.

It wasn't until two millennium after the Great Pyramid got its capstone that the earliest known record provides evidence of Jews in Egypt. They were a garrison of soldiers from the Persian Empire, stationed on an island in the Nile in 650 BC. This is from the Elephantine Papyri translated in 1903 in Aramaic (not Hebrew) and these "jews" were well known for pagan polytheism mixed together with some elements from the Torah. The document clearly describes these jewish settlers as owning and dealing in Egyptian slaves. No record of any of them being enslaved at any point.

Since all the dates are wrong for every single element in that story, it is very reasonable to believe the story of Exodus was taken from the Hyksos and they in turn stole it from somebody else much earlier. It is a very important story and it is still a part of Old Testament canon but clearly it is a story of some other race of people in some other place which was appropriated by jewish people for their own purposes.

Looking over their own native literature, which is exceedingly poorly written, so much so it is only of value to them, it can be assumed they saw a religion which they liked, they adopted it and changed parts of it to make it into their narrative.

I believe in a God who inspired that writing for all mankind. The narrow and amended version which posits that Judaism is particularly important to God is fan fiction. The children of Abraham are the real focus of the Bible and there are more of them on the Earth than you can see stars in the heavens. Sephardic Hebrews we know descend from Abraham but there are many, many different races and colors of men on the planet who also can rightfully claim descent from Abraham as the genetics increasingly demonstrates. I think the Bible is a promise extended to all of mankind but there is a race of men who want you to think they have some unique claim on the contents. They have no such thing and are suspect to even insist on such a thing given the evidence of their own genetics. If we were ourselves as strict and rigid as they are we could point out that most of them don't have a drop of Hebrew blood in their body and have no ancestors that ever lived in the Middle East.