Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Gulag North America

Kenyan Dictator Forbids Veterans To Watch Any But State-Approved Television

With an average IQ of 97 in North America, who knows what the President can and can't do? There is almost nobody left who can read.

Clinton was America's first black President. Obama is the first Bolshevist to hold the office in the United States. The difference being that the Bolshevists in the Soviet Union waited to overthrow the existing system of government before they introduced their draconian tyranny.No such coup needed in the 2nd Wave, since the current inhabitants of the Kwa are too dumb to know what "coup" means.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Iceland Volcano Is Front Page News

The mainstream media therefore completely ignores it

This is a supervolcano. It has been implicated in a previous global extinction. It is giving every sign it may blow and soon. Given the existing drop in temperatures this year, all it would take is a little tip of the see-saw to shift the climate overnight into a really severe worldwide Ice Age.

Robert Felix has always been ahead of everybody else on this subject when he has spoken about the potential for famine. It is a deadly serious threat and fake terrorism pales beside it in contrast.

It is called Bárðarbunga. Remember that name, you may need to tell your grandchildren about it someday if you survive. Someday your descendants may have an oral mythology about a giant in the far north who reached up and blotted the Sun out of the sky, plunging the Earth into darkness.

Orwellian Propaganda

Bolshevists trying to pit new recruits against natives. Using computer games to train enricher forces to fight against anyone left who supports the Constitution or rule of law. Suggests that any existing inhabitants are evil and deserve to die.

I see this tactic as doomed to fail. You're talking about over 100 million heavily armed people. You're going to lose, Bolshies. You can bank on it. When it is over, you have to ask who is going to protect you.

The best part is when the leftists try to portray the flyover zones as full of dumb hicks who couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. You're talking about people who on average have more current and meaningful combat training than most active duty military. Crack shots with 50 cal armor piercers. The left insists these guys are clowns who are no big shakes in combat. I reckon they have it backwards. The average LEOs look real impressive in an armored car when they break down a civilian door and shoot the dog or gun down somebody's grandma but they are just fat toy soldiers playing at games compared to some of the hardcore veterans who will be shooting back on the other side. Trust a leftist who never fired a gun in his life to underestimate the opposition.

U.S. Army Training For War In The Interior

Keep sleeping, sheeple. There's no point in waking up now.

You should just trust the "super-sophisticated" because they know what is best for you. Apparently, a sniper shooting you in the head for psychological effects.

I don't make this stuff up. I just link to it.

Read this and ask yourself who posted the mystery snipers during the instigated riots in Crimea who were shooting people on both sides randomly.

"Peak Grasshopper" Nadir Is Now At An End

Sun shuts down for maintenance, goes back to normal and cools off

Hey, you morons always blithering on about power conservation, the Sun is leading the way!

It's so simple, even the "super-sophisticated" should be able to figure it out.

It is the end of the Holocene. Start of the Grand Minimum. Tee-shirt weather for Enkidu's kids.

Manboons make Neanderthal laugh. Welcome to earth, whatever the hell you are. That's the problem with illegal immigration, you may end up culturally incompatible with the region you sneak into. This planet is normally much colder. Neanderthals like it that way. If you're not cold adapted you may want to go the hell back to wherever you came from because you probably won't last long on our turf.

Grasshoppers hold court for the past 100 years because of the sheer cacaphony of  gibberish they generate. We ants like it colder because it is quieter.

People who are loath to concede the Sun "may play a role" in temperatures do not warrant a mention in any regard. They are not to be taken seriously as human beings and any input they have on the subject should be flatly ignored.

Kafka Was A Hack

Franz Kafka would have to be one of the most overrated writers of the past two centuries

Another glorified mediocrity promoted over writers so much better than he was that he scarcely rated in comparison.

Some of his stories had interesting premises but ultimately they go nowhere. They do not even conjure up strong sympathies for the protagonist or even a desire to find out what the conclusion holds for them.

Hemingway and Dostoyevsky often wrote along similarly morbid lines and invariably they have a point in doing so which resonates with insight. Kafka was just pointless and depressing drivel. His short stories were like minor episodes of the "The Twilight Zone" with five minutes missing from the end.

I remember reading to the end of CRIME AND PUNISHMENT and thinking it was an ordeal. Published originally in serial form, you'd expect the author would have a hard time keep the plot on track for a proper climax. When I got to the last scene I decided every single page had been worth it. You could see the rich tapestry of Dostoyevsky's ideas had held the book together from the first sentence to the final word. There was a writer for you.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Is The Pacific Ocean Dead?

Are we sure this is Fukushima? Or something else?
The marine environment is changing catastrophically.
Primitive Sapiens Thinks Consumers Did This.

"Then the second angel poured out his bowl upon the sea and it became blood as of a dead man; and every living creature in the sea died. " Revelation 16:3

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Rally For World War III

They're pushing it big-time.

Morton's Toe and Lefthanded Men Who Don't Go Bald

A good summary of just a few of the physical characteristics of the breed with two races inside it.

The end of the article describing the screwy hybrid who has nothing but oppositional instincts is a good description of a major part of the human population.

It's obvious to me that Cro-Magnons had smaller and more complex amygdalas that could not occur in a hominid produced by natural adaptation designed as they were to work primarily off social cues and consensus. The Neanderthal had a much larger and less complex amygdala, designed to react to the real world and not social cues.

Half the time when the two genes meet in the human brain, the result is a smaller and degenerate amygdala that just doesn't work right in any regard. This is why there are so many left-handed lefties.

Neanderthals simply could not have afforded to be anything but the stoutest conservatives at 300 degrees below zero for a million years. The hybrids aren't working the way Cro-Magnons were designed to and they aren't any good as Neanderthals, either. It is in the blending of the two, a flawed enterprise from the start, that the worst results are produced in so many. Again, that is two breeds of animal that should have never been crossed. It is water and oil and it never does anything but settle and separate given time.

Throughout human history, the superman has always been depicted with the classic Greek foot structure.

CFR Shill Panic Merchants Ebola

This is a red flag.

The article is a smokescreen geared to have a certain effect on the reader. It is meaningless drivel but it has an ulterior motive.

That's a worry when people at the CFR start to push a certain viewpoint. It is likely they are planning to use an "epidemic" to conceal many crimes.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Convert TCP-IP socket raw binary into ASN encoded complex binary communications packets

If the VOS webserver answers websocket requests, the ASN sent down the line to the requesting device could be interpreted by a browser client, a dedicated device or a microchip. Same request to open websocket, the device downstream doing the asynchronous communication can be anything convenient. The only HTTP it has to compose is the request for the asynchronous websocket. Modern standards that talk to ancient devices. My old VOS written in VB-DOS could actually speak to the webserver over a simple TCP-IP line using this protocol.

P.S. That PH7 engine is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I successfully compiled it into the VOS code last night and executed a web page in PHP. It is the Holy Grail of embedded web servers. I feel it is what I have been waiting for the past 14 years. The total executable with SQLite, SOAP, AJAX and compiled-in Jquery, JQuery-UI, Raphael-SCADA,SVGImporter and Raphael script pages is 1.2 megabytes. Still fits on a floppy!

Mega Disaster Special : New Ice Age

Good on the coming Maunder Minimum.

They attempt to describe the many, many side effects.
War, famine, plague. Events like the Younger Dryas are essentially extinction events. They did mention the faster breeding cycles of animals like rats that were vectors for plague.
It's got a happy ending - Los Angeles is buried by mudslides.

Monday, August 11, 2014

PH7 - PHP Embedded In ~600K

Somebody sent me a link to this last night and I was able to successfully compile it with Open Watcom.

Just. Wow. Was only able to run a few CGI tests with it and was blown away.

PHP 5.3 is normally 7 megabytes (minimum, normal is 15 MB) and not easy to embed and compile cross-platform at all. This is one of the reasons I ruled it out for VOS because it was just too big to fit on a floppy in one executable. PHP would be the right choice for a cgi scripting language in every regard except it's memory footprint is ridiculous under usual conditions.

I was trying to rewrite the inventory functionality in Lua Server Pages about a week ago and I was thinking that LSP is very small but hardly a rapid development scripting language for a real-time web server. At the rate I am going it would take me a couple of weeks to port existing pages in VOS and I have been too busy to work much on it at all.

PHP has an awful lot of boilerplate code floating around to do a lot of different things. Compared to Lua Server Pages it is ubiquitous. There are modules to do caching as well in the PHP global space. (Good for loading all required stuff like images and templates at run-time and then accessing it from RAM instead of loading again from the disk)

P.S. Was thinking about it and realized you could compile a custom "php-cgi.exe" that would run under DOS Desqview and use QEMM as a RAMDISK to save loading time. Most people would say a DOS port is not important but I want to keep it open as a possible cross-platform target.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Langerkopf - Vestige of the Cold War

I visited this place when I was on active duty in Germany back in the early 80's.

How do I know U.S. infrastructure for nuclear war is deliberately being dismantled?

The Russians and Chinese are already three decades ahead of the Kwa even if it woke up tomorrow and introduced a military and civil defense program devoting 10% of their GDP to infrastructure like that depicted in Fallout 3. They could not catch up in time.

The Kwa is ready for somebody to finish it off. Anyone will do. They want it to happen or at least its leadership and most of its citizenry.

I got this link from somebody I was talking to about the imposed regulation of the AM bands right out of existence - they are the exact bands preferred to FM in the post-apocalyptic environment because AM can be bounced off the upper atmosphere and travel very far. FM stations are line-of-sight or close to it. Emergency information from the government will be virtually non-existent following a nuclear war because AM radios are a thing of the past and the government has not offered any kind of substitute. Unless you have a shortwave you will be utterly cut off from the rest of the world and this is 99% of households in the United States.

Elect a Kenyan, get Kenyan style civil defense. Which is to say ... nothing.

The Precursors Of World War III

... are being laid right now.

A prophet has honor, except in his own house.

What a madhouse this planet is in the year 2014. A wall-to-wall lunatic asylum run by the inmates.

Part of me feels thrilled to see the things I read about in the books of Spengler, Gibbons, Toynbee, Will and Ariel Durant coming true in real time about the decline cycle. If only it weren't my civilization I have the front row seats to observe. Things I read about the madness of crowds and the nutty behaviors of the people who inhabit collapsing societies. For example, I always wondered, didn't the crowds gathered to watch a man marry his own horse - or two women to marry a swan - have any inkling this might not be a good thing? Mayhaps the slightest tickle of conscience or objective reasoning? I always wondered about this. Now I know from watching my own society. The last men are too manic and feverish to engage in any rational thought for the most part. That is outside their resumes. They follow the sordid outline of the script they have been given and play their tired roles through to the bitter climax as they always have in the past.

Controlled Media Is A Paranoid Delusion

How would they control the entire Western media in every single outlet and local region? It is impossible.

If you believe the world you think you're living in is real, it is impossible.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Amygdala Is The Center Of The Brain For A Reason

It may well be the most important part of the brain altogether

... and the leftist can easily be detected in a CT scan of the brain -- IT'S MISSING! NO, IT'S NOT AN OPTION! IT'S MANDATORY!

Ever since they discovered this, leftists have been calling the amygdala the "fear center" since it is associated with detecting hazards and threats in the environment and the right wing always has big, fat, prominent amygdalas. Since "fear" is the most basic part of biological existence, they may be right about that.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Kwanstainia : A Madhouse For Madmen

Self-destructive tendencies as a nation.

Have you ever known somebody who was so crazy it is like they obeyed an imp of the perverse that made them do the worst possible thing at the worst possible time? Eventually, they get the outcome they were seeking and then they cry with astonishment. They didn't want to get hurt or die. They just acted as if they did.

The Kwa is like that now. It is like a drunken lunatic who keeps dancing at the edge of a ravine giddy with the possibility he may fall in. Sooner or later of course, he does just that.

Epidemic looming on the horizon? Fly'em right into the American heartland still feverish when they are the most infectious. Why wouldn't you, though?

Sigmund Freud was mostly useless after he became a celebrity. He had a few remarkably insightful ideas when he was still young and hungry. The guy who wrote THE FUTURE OF AN ILLUSION and THE PSYCHOPATHOLOGY OF EVERYDAY LIFE was channeling Nietzsche and doing it better than anyone else in his generation, too. Freud's suggestion there was a death wish was a very astute observance and it dovetailed nicely with Darwinian ideas ... the notion that overcrowding and too much success for a species could lead to many of their members literally offing themselves for the common good in order to avoid a more serious population crash later on.

The Kwa is full of people who want to end it all. They keep trying and they will get their wish. I've seen it before. I knew a guy who loved to play with knives and he eventually cut off one of his own fingers "accidentally." That happens when you act contrary to your own interests long enough. The only thing to debate is whether or not such things are really "accidents." Freud weighs in here too, quite usefully.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Even The Atheists Are Starting To See It

An Atheist describes the most depraved, degenerate, decadent nation on the entire planet.

When you know that Australians define themselves as most successful wherever they can emulate this damned country you just know they can't be far behind.

Emulating the Kwanstain is liking copying everything a crazy cat lady does because you think she is cool. You dream of pushing a shopping cart around filled with cats and throwing garbage off highway overpasses into oncoming traffic. Australians think if the Kwanstain does it, that must mean we should do it here, too.

Wait, it gets worse. Australians will copy every single thing that Kwanzanians do except adopting their Constitution, Bill of Rights and division of government power. Which is the only thing left worth copying. There the Australians remain rigidly devoted to socialism and parental government control as subjects of the "Queen."

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Male 'Thals Tormented By Homo Saps Females

There are a lot of important ideas I have been developing here for a long, long time.

It is common in India for higher caste females to sorely abuse and torture untouchable classes and chandalas. It is perfectly normal for higher caste females to feign romantic affections for lower caste males for a variety of reasons and to cruelly use them for very pragmatic reasons to draw the attention of males of their own caste. It works as a caste strategy for making oneself more attractive to higher caste males and the females seem to suffer no remorse and no social stigma for doing it. The higher caste women do not perceive the lower caste males as human beings and thus have no regard for their feelings or any damage they do. They regard it as a kind of slumming and utilise it as a tool to manipulate perceptions of their own worth. Being surrounded by several low caste suitors is vastly preferable to attracting the interest of no males of your own caste. Before you know it, the females have begun to be courted by males of equal caste.

The truth is, there are not many 'Thal females. Their mitochondria was gang-raped right out of the gene pool through successive generations of slavery for the boys, back into whoredom for the girls produced of these unions. I suspect that in the caste system in Europe, the female Neanderthal concubine who was the daughter of a concubine enjoyed far greater liberty and some status compared with their brothers, who were probably kept chained to posts when they were in the village and forced to forge weapons or used as chattel labor or shock troops against enemies at night. The Neanderthal female captives enjoyed some social status … how do we know? They are the subject of a a thousand Stone-Age figurines that seemed to regard them with some semi-religious veneration.

Venus_of_Brassempouy - Daughter of the Tuatha De Danann
Always with no mouth. A sex toy - likely forbidden to speak.
I would bet after a lifetime of observation that there was a great pastime for Cro-Magnon females who were simultaneously attracted by the good looks of the Neanderthal slave caste and threatened with death for so much as touching one to cope with these feelings by treating them very, very cruelly. They kill two birds with one stone here - they get to flirt with the males they secretly find attractive whilst pretending to merely assist in teaching them their place. Your father will not whip you for speaking with the 'Thal slaves if you end every one of your transactions with them with an expression of contempt or an ugly twisted insult.

I reckon this got to be a habit in European stock after 38,000 years of caste slavery. A very strongly ingrained habit. A habit wound so deeply into the fabric of the Homo Sapiens female she is not aware of it anymore than her autonomic functions like breathing and sleeping.

The "deserving" scorn is so deeply encoded into females they will come to one another's defence in these matters. After all, he was merely one of the 'Thal slaves. Not a real human being. They deserve whatever they get. It is not as if one had tortured an actual person. He was simply one of those creatures, I don't know what all this fuss is about.

I did some research on the boy in the article, as always, misdiagnosed as "autistic" because he is highly intelligent, earnest, naive in these matters and very trusting. No real autism present here for the most part. That's why he is called "high functioning" in the article, meaning he is much more intelligent than his ruling class, which defines this quality as "damaged" or "pathological." Remember, a 'Thal slave is never better than us. It is not permitted. There are differences which are proof of their inferiority and natural condition as our servants. These things are not to be regarded as making them better than we are in any sense. Their enormous intelligence and great physical strength and agility are all merely tools they need to serve us.

I went to an interview for some more contract work last week. I am already packed to the gills with work, I can't take on any more. I spend the whole week running around the city from one contract to another. I told these guys what my day rate was and they balked. I could read both of their minds like they were transmitting radio waves. The nerve of this goddamned Neanderthal to think he is worth that kind of money. They had a business analyst there and I discovered his rate was similar to my own. Yes but he's an actual person you stinking dirty 'Thal, not one of you nerd/thinker/problem solver types. They could barely contain themselves with rage and I wanted to burst out laughing so hard at these Saps. I could read their faces so well. I ended up having to tell them I didn't think I was going to be able to work on their project if they were not willing to pay my rates. They seemed incredulous that I would not work for whatever they felt like paying for the role. Which wasn't much of anything.

This is Isaac's prophecy being fulfilled.


Genesis 27 (My exegesis on the authentic Hebrew translation in blue)

38 Esau said to his father, “Do you have only one blessing, my father? Bless me too, my father!” Then Esau wept aloud.
39 His father Isaac answered him,
“Your dwelling will be
    away from the earth’s richness,  
    away from the dew of heaven above.
(your livelihood will be hard to earn and you will work where others will have it easy, you will roam around with no place wanting you for long and you will enjoy no surplus from your labors)
40 You will live by the sword
    and you will serve your brother.
(You will acknowledge your brother but he will not acknowledge you, your only worth to him will be your deeds and what you can do for him, you will survive by your wits and ability or not at all)
But when you grow restless,
    you will throw his yoke
    from off your neck.
(At some point after a long time of suffering you will realize your condition and given the fact you are ultimately the better man and always will be, you will break your brother's yoke of slavery off your neck forever and will stand before him as his equal, not his slave)